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Ep On A Taph An Elegy for Trish Keenan

On Jan. 14, Trish Keenan, lead singer of Broadcast, passed away of pneumonia.

Keenan was a brilliant and beautiful woman, songstress, and poet. She will be remembered for her intricately detailed voice that was nothing short of pure magic.

Across six LPs, Broadcast synthesized music of ghostly truths and electronic secrets from some unknown time and place.

Her tragic passing came as a shock to lovers of her music—songs that seemed like gifts of some better place. A gift to the world—a transcendence of sound, sending the listener into a contradictory world of retro yet futuristic sounds.
This poem pays homage to Keenan.

It’s built with various titles from Broadcast’s extensive catalogue of songs.

Before We End

Before We Begin, Turn the Lights Out. The World is Backwards. According to No Plan, We’ve Got Time.

Evil is Coming, By That I Mean, You and Me in Time. Long Was the Year Without You But Longer Is the Distance Between You and I and the Unchanging Window. Look Outside. Until Then, Let The Echo’s Answer.

I Found the End, You Can Fall Now. You Can Colour Me In. Come On Let’s Go Corporeal. Everything is Growing Backwards Through the Gates of Yesterday.

Oh How I Miss You in Winter Now and all the Goodbye Girls and all the Illumination Still Feels Like Tears and the Poem of a Dead Song is just Tears in the Typing Pool.

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 20, published January 25, 2011.