Weekly Fringe: Looking for art events? We might just have what you’re looking for!

There’s no need to look far if you’re searching for local art, dance, literature, or films

Graphic Breea Kobernick

Roam through exhibitions, watch a few performances, and cuddle up at home. This week’s going to be a good one!

Monday, Feb. 7

The Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery is currently presenting The Sum of Our Shared Selves, FOFA’s annual undergraduate student exhibition. The Sum of Our Shared Selves touches on intimacy, memories, and engaged consciousness, with the work of 13 artists grasping the idea that one can pour bits of themselves into their surrounding environments. 

Tuesday, Feb. 8

This is the last week to sneak a peek at the visual art exhibition Just Semantics which ends Feb. 11. Presented by Galerie Robertson Arès, the exhibition takes the banality out of everyday objects, adding unexpected and peculiar twists to what we know.

Wednesday, Feb. 9

Gallery Art Mûr is presenting artist Mathieu Vanier’s Habitats until Feb. 26. The artistic experience brings visitors through a path of architectural assemblies, with shapes that become more chaotic as you go. The experience is meant to portray dephysicalization and suggests that we are just spirits floating in a mindscape. 

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Thursday, Feb. 10

This weekend Hélène Remoué takes the stage with her solo performance Sans rien forcé. Dance company Tangente is presenting the choreographed show from Feb. 10 to Feb. 13 and tickets can be found on their site. Remoué’s performance powerfully encapsulates the journey to self discovery.

Friday, Feb. 11

The 14th edition of the Massimadi Festival is back! From Feb. 11 to March 11, the Afro LGBTQA+ film and arts festival will present an abundance of films, panel discussions, and more. The festival will take place online and is completely free. 

Saturday, Feb. 12

PHI Centre presents afro-contemporary artist Marven Clerveau’s exhibition Visions Hip-Hop QC. The project uses visual and audio media alongside a series of portraits that shed light on the artists and figures that have impacted Quebec’s hip-hop scene. Visions of Hip-Hop QC runs from Feb. 11 to March 26, and admission is free.

Sunday, Feb. 13

Cuddle up with a good book and take it easy this Sunday with Concordia alumni Kelsey Nichole Brooks’ latest poetry collection Dear Timid Body. Published through AOS Publishing on Feb. 10, the poems touch on themes of love, pain, and the struggle of self-assertion.