Weekly Fringe: It’s time to mix up the virtual fun with some in-person events!

Black History Month, comedy shows, and virtual music festivals make for diverse activities this week

Graphic Breea Kobernick

Live events are back, but fear not! There are still some you can do from the comfort of your own home. 

Monday, Jan. 31

Comedy shows are back! Start your week off right and head over to Montreal Comedy Club’s website to buy your tickets for their Monday stand-up show.

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Tuesday, Feb. 1

The National Film Board of Canada is celebrating Black History Month with diverse events throughout the month. To kick it off, NFB is premiering Stateless on Feb. 1, a feature documentary described as revealing “the institutionalized oppression that divides Haiti and the Dominican Republic.” The film can be streamed for free on NFB.ca

Wednesday, Feb. 2

ABC-ARTE gallery is featuring Towards Annunciazione. Nanni Valentini. The final years. until March 5. The project comes as a re-creation of artist Nanni Valentini’s 1984 one-man exhibition that was showcased in Milan. The exhibition pays tribute to Valentini and the short-lived success he experienced after suddenly passing in 1985. 

Thursday, Feb. 3

From Feb. 3 to Feb. 26 the MAI is presenting the textile, sound, and visual performance les liens. The 5 p.m. performance explores intimacy and the invisible bonds that hold relationships together. Admission is free! 

Friday, Feb. 4

Cuddle up and have a movie night this Friday! Une fois C’t’un Noir premiers on Crave Feb. 4. The film examines Quebec’s Black comedy scene by revisiting its best moments and highlighting how the industry has evolved. 

Saturday, Feb. 5

Taverne Tour is presenting a virtual edition of their pop, hip-hop, rock festival Feb. 4 and Feb. 5. The two-day festival promises an exciting line-up with recorded performances at diverse venues across the city. Make sure to get you free tickets on their website!

Sunday, Feb. 6

Discover Black Quebec-based artists and create your own Spotify playlist. David Campana, Cedric Noel, Janette King, Shay Lia, and Zach Zoya are a few suggestions to get that playlist started.

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