Weekly Fringe: Bask in the glory of live performances

Dance, theatre, and multidisciplinary shows are at your service this week!

Graphic Breea Kobernick

There’s no need to dwell on spring break ending, it just means it’s time to get back to some exceptional Montreal art shows. 

Monday, March 7

La Chapelle Theatre is presenting a multidisciplinary performance titled Sam & Angèle. The show runs from March 7 to 11 and explores the concept of identity through an intimate look at pleasure, sacrality, self-love, and doubt. 

Tuesday, March 8

Poet Erika Soucy is performing a poetic theatre performance at Theatre La Licorne until April 2. Through humour and intimate expressive emotion, Les murailles represents the longing for affirmation through an ode to those who must leave their families to go work overseas. 

Wednesday, March 9

After pandemic related delays, the multidisciplinary performance 1, 2, maybe 3 is back! The performance takes a look at the intertwinement of two bodies reflecting how something that is meant to be so simple, can get very complicated quickly. The show runs from March 9 to 12 at the Centaur Theatre Wildside Festival.

Thursday, March 10

Théâtre Prospero is featuring the performance Notre petite mort until March 19. The intimate show explores the deep desire to bear a child and the emotions that arise when one is not able to.

Friday, March 11

Finish your work week with a performance! Agora Dance is presenting Nightlife, a dance performance that touches on everything related to nocturnal habits. The show embodies the different sensations of sleep, insomnia, and intense nightclub dancing. Don’t forget your tickets!

Saturday, March 12

Roam through some art exhibitions this weekend! Wishbone art gallery in Old Montreal is showcasing the Antémémoire exhibition as of March 10. It features the drawings of Montreal artist Boris Pintando. The gallery is open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Sunday, March 13

La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse is showcasing Dot by dot like a baby gazelle until April 7. The group exhibition features archives, film, physical installations, and more to look at the history of tattoos. It explores the tattoo culture in Iran and the Maghreb, and how it has influenced culture, gender, nation-building, and the future.