This is the Orientation Issue

Hey, welcome to university.

Or welcome back to university, for those of you to whom a welcome back is in order, which is statistically most of you. But, yes, anyways, welcome all, back or not, to university. To this university—Concordia University.

Inside this special issue are things that we think will help you as a student in Montreal. We’ve got tips on how not to get screwed by your landlord, and we’ve got a cool map with cool places to drink coffee, eat well, and explore. Cool!

Curious about what to expect this year from the Stingers sports teams? From the administration? In the news? We’ve got you covered.

Plus we have primers on what Facebook groups to join, and what resources exist around Concordia for you to call when you realize that Facebook doesn’t have all the answers.

This issue is, first and foremost, an introduction, a primer, and a base on which to build. We’re not going to tell you how to live your life or how to go through school. We’re just showing you what we like, and what we think is neat and important.

With that said, feel free to take a look through these pages. See what’s interesting to you, and maybe check something out for yourself. Go visit that cool coffeeshop, or go to a Stingers game. Join a club. Write for The Link. Do stuff, if you want. Stuff is fun.

This issue, the Orientation issue—like every issue of our paper—is for you.

We hope it helps.