Poetry: ‘Joined at Daybreak’

Graphic Joey Bruce

Break, fast! Meeting eye to

eye in a Teflon pan: no,

they can't, they won't


stick. Still, by chance, the

hungry heat was high, and

they bind, they cling, quick — !


And the spatula swoops to separate,

but they burst forth: golden hearts,

wholeheartedly not whole, pouring out. No


matter, no matter; they’ll take a new route.

With the flick of a whisk, they’re swept into

one. A better, utter mesh. Well done.


I plate them at your sunny side, and like

every breakfast, our eyes, they join;

our smiles, our hands, they intertwine.


And as one we eat:

scrambled eggs, a little salt.

Still hot.


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