Poetry: ‘Her name was not clementine’

Photo Gabriela Vasquez-Rondon

in the palm of my hand

you placed a clementine 


the gentlest touch of fingers on skin

a warm tanned hand on mine



interlaced fingers 

that will never truly be held in such a way

silly sour idea

that wraps and unwraps itself 

like a too long clementine peel


kitchen counter

2:13 a.m.

forgotten citrus peel

that reminds me of green gardens and a laugh as sweet as ripe fruit

now a habit of many months

i find myself on a lonesome waltz

with the lingering clementine smell

picking up the discarded pieces you left behind


i’m alone in the room


i still feel the ghost of your touch sticking to me

in the same familiar way 

the zesty scent remains on both fingernail and air

a gesture of care that was no more than a momentous sensation

for me

an exchange of good faith 

for you


they say sharing a clementine is proof of love

and now I think

maybe I should have peeled some more


how many more I wonder

to keep you from leaving 


picking apart 

my bitter citrus skin 

my too ripe clementine heart

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