Poetry: ‘God’s Water Droplet’

Graphic Joey Bruce

I’m just one water droplet among many in a waterfall

I’m indistinguishable if you were to quickly glance at me

All you see is a mass of water flowing down a cliff

You don’t notice me so much as you notice the waterfall as a whole

Yet I’m part of why the waterfall exists in the first place

The course of the river adapts to the break in elevation

And suddenly it’s like I don’t exist

I fall and I fall at a high speed

The peak of my existence 

Yet no one notices me

No I’m irrelevant compared to the bigger picture

But the bigger picture wouldn’t exist without me

As I’m plunging towards the river below

I reflect upon my significance in this world

What is my value compared to all the noticeable elements

Compared to the elements that are appreciated?

No one I’ve ever encountered has given credit 

To all that a miniscule water droplet like me can do

I have a cycle and you’ve probably seen me and weren’t aware

I was once in the kitten shaped cloud you saw in the orange sky

I was once in the snowflake you saw passing by on a winter’s morn

I melted and turned up in this here river

I’m currently in the waterfall now

And have yet to discover more stages in the future

 I’ve been around

I’ve served many purposes 

So how come it’s as if I don’t exist?

Only the picture that I help create exists

I’ve come to learn that

It’s only when I start seeing myself the way my Creator sees me

That I can have confidence that my worth

Is not defined by those around me

I’m worthy merely because I’m my Creator’s creation

This Creator I speak of

Who are they?

Well, my Creator is the great I Am

The King of kings


He is with me wherever I go

I shall fret not about how others perceive me

For my Creator makes my worth invaluable

Only His view of me matters

So as I become once again a part of a mass of water in the river below

I close my eyes knowing that I’m known

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