Poem of the Week: “The Napkin Shredder”

A Poem for the End of the Semester

Graphic Breea Kobernick

“The Napkin Shredder”

restaurants are stressful
for those of us who’ve spent
most of our lives running

glass, focus, silverware, refill
ice, menu, focus, feel ill

shredding napkins apart
so we don’t have to worry
if things are unfolding
too slow, too fast,
in a hurry
the world makes more sense when its blurry

most sane when I’m dreaming
at times it’s deceiving
just fall asleep, it’s relieving

eyes close,
please dose
blanket to nose
goodbye woes?

the universe made insomniacs
but I believe it has our backs
so just cut some slack
cut back?
that’s wack
flip heads
onto tails
cut nails
I bite mine

calm down.
mutant sound
listen to feet pound

running is flying in real time
living is dying one step at a time so
take yours.