Poem of the Week: “Make Believe”

You Are Everyone, but No One at All

  • Graphic Breea Kobernick

“Make Believe”

I can’t stop yearning
for the man that I love
he’s a good listener and
knows how to work the stove

patience is his virtue,
temptation is his vice
he never leaves me crying
in the very dead of night

he exists only within the
folds of my dreams
smells of amber and coffee,
lips sweet as tangerines

eyes that pierce the dead
rough, callused fingers that
spread my thunder thighs
oh, so late in bed

broad shoulders,
American football of a frame
over six feet tall, false,
and I am the one to blame

he is but a bachelor in my city
for the man of my dreams:
dark, poetic, handsome
sung softly, he puts me at ease

this man of make believe
a man that nobody has ever seen
he is a figment of my imagination
but he lives just for me

he is simply no one at all
and everyone at once
nor does he substitute the lack
of male figures in my life
he merely floats in my fantasies
and swims in my dreams

my beloved ceases to exist
yet he always dictates my needs

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