On seduction as performance

Graphic Olivia Shan

It’s easy to take pleasure in performing when you’re not weighed down by your identity, or by some need to be yourself, or to be natural.

Poeticize your presence. Attract and be attracted to your own strength and aesthetic sensibility, your own sprawling beautiful words and flexile allure. Let imagination carry past the ends of your sentences. But beware, as too much of anything is fearsome, unnatural, even ugly. Beware of the precipice.

This is the precipice. This is when Adam falls for the virgin body of an exquisite whore, Eve by name and shaped by god himself.

This is when soft words and glances become extreme cataclysmic measures, when we become strange animals drinking stranger juice of the strangest fruits, something spiritual and sublime, inexplicably and inexpressibly seductive.

The true joy and pleasure of the female orgasm comes from the release of her perpetual tension, anxiety, and nervous anticipation. And this is true culmination of the true mental and emotional strain of true seduction of real weight and intensity.

And did you know something. That Honey Darling is the sweetest girl, not of her own golden heart and inner goodness but of her fear to disappoint and that notorious insecurity. And did you know that lying naked on the sidewalk will land you in the mental hospital where they teach you that a person’s belief is a person’s willpower.

Understand: a person’s willpower is directly linked to their libido. And a person’s power is directly linked to attraction. Seduction is the highest form of power.