graphic Myriam Ouazzani

Temporary glances and momentary smiles

Emotions tailored feelings styled

Trying to fit freedom into a limitless box

A paradox like a considerate goldilocks


Perverted and reverberated to fit in the narrative of logical consequence

The independence neglected and with it our strength

So corporate shills and evil lies

Are nothing more than a sick merchant's cries

A middle class gag explains the homicidal acts of men butchering lives

Free of thought, free of shame

The same game played to make imperative of what we see as pragmatic 

To reduce ourselves to motion in an apparatus

That thinks feels and hears for itself

Responsibility is gone but hopeless devotion is left

As we construct a monster from the deepest of depths

With razor sharp wit and gargantuan size

Ordered to lift us from our own demise

The leviathan decides, 

life, liberty and security at the foreclosure of realization

Caused by the distortion of our own creation

To save face is an understatement, to save faces is more

To become numbered traces in a data bank to store 

And as the vaults fill, and innocence distills

Our own rationale fails us, in realizing our wills

Upon deaths bed, stands an idle man

Tinkering his top, breathing, as fast as he can.