Love In Polarity

Photo Michelle M. Ilunga

Colette Ma Chouette 

Tu m'envoutes et t’es tout ce que je sais
J'étais ta bête, trop grande et trop inquiète
Mais maintenant dans ma chambre d’enfance
Tu me manques Tes bagues et tes blagues sonnent dans mes oreilles
Et je te sens dans mes orteils Je sais que c’est trop personnel mais j’ai besoin que tu m'enterres 

Swallow You Whole
I’ll move to every city carrying you within me
You’ll test the waters and never be your father
You’ll know what I mean when I tell you I wish I was clean because only you have known me since I was fifteen
I’ll hate my body and you’ll let me hide in yours
I’ll be starved of you and I’ll swallow you whole
and hopefully, then you’ll find your home within me like I have within you

This article originally appeared in Volume 44, Issue 2, published September 19, 2023.