Poetry: ‘My parents taught me how to deal with the cold’

Graphic Eva Wilson

Double up 

a mit inside a mit

tight pants under loose ones

dry boots


stay dry

don’t complain 

lots of wool covers

make a fire that will last

fill up with lava hot breakfast porridge

you deal with it

or you stay sad inside

coming back to a toasty house

and feeling grateful for it can be the best part

backtrack when frost starts biting

wool works wonders


the repeated winters taught me too


a scarf for the face

another for the neck

always drink tea when available

as hot as possible

don’t mind burning my tongue every once in a while 

hug whoever wants one too

food changes attitudes

apparently humans get used to anything

try a cold or partly cold shower if you’re feeling brave 

or like a sea lion

whose heart hides protected and warm

behind layers of tough skin 

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