Concordia Rocket League team secures second win in a row

Concordia Esports edges out Carleton Ravens in five-game series

Concordia Esports Rocket League put together a solid performance for a convincing win. Photo Courtesy Concordia Esports

The Concordia Esports Rocket League team beat the Carleton Ravens for their second win of the season Monday night.

Rocket League is a free-to-play video-game where user-controlled RC cars zoom around a domed arena, driving and jumping into a large ball, trying to score on the opposing team’s net. The cacophony and chaos of the game results in non-stop action and often impressive, sometimes hilarious action.

Matthew “Haywyre” Harrington led Concordia with five goals in the series, with four of them coming in Game 2. Victor “Nimbus” Maillé added four goals and James “Littlemac” Kierans contributed two others.

“The biggest improvement I noticed for us was our communication,” said Kierans. “We were able to create more counter-attacks and get more offense going.”

Concordia’s victory can largely be attributed to their staunch defensive effort.

“Strong defence is what won [the game] for us,” Harrington said. “There were quite a few times they had the pressure on for long periods but we were able to avoid conceding.”

Kierans led the way on defence, staying back as his teammates attacked and making key saves to secure the series win for Concordia. 

“We definitely had more composure on defence,” said Kierans. “We had done some replay analysis of prior matches and I think it made us flow much better in the defensive end.”

After beating Trent and Carleton, Concordia will look to extend its win streak to three games when it takes on the Fanshawe College Falcons on Nov. 20.