Special Issue

  • Cultural Calendar

    This year on March 8, The Link joins community groups across the city, country and world to celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.

  • Queen Meaning

    How Drag Queens Advance Women’s Rights

    Feminism, fundraising and drag came together March 3 for ¡Ecuador Por Favor!, an event at Cabaret Mado to raise money for the advancement of human rights—specifically those of women.

  • Manly Feminism

    On Men Who Embrace the Movement

    It’s hard to grow up as a gangly, awkward, anti-social nerd with a last name like Manley and not develop a very acute consciousness of gender roles in North American culture.

  • “A Woman’s Mind Isn’t Made for Programming”

    Women Struggle to Close Gender Gap in the Tech Community

    A few weeks ago, I was taking a cab to the airport. Like me, the driver was a programmer, so we started talking about our favourite languages and sharing some of our own projects.

  • Imagining the Veil

    Muslim Women in Global Contemporary Art

    “The veil is on the wrong side in the ideology of modernity. It stands for backward tradition as opposed to progress, misogyny as opposed to female emancipation, totalitarianism as opposed to democracy, superstition as opposed to science, and so on.”

  • Printed Minority

    When it comes to media and pop culture, girls are experts. As the target of most media messages, young women are uniquely positioned to understand and criticize the popular culture they are so much a part of.

  • Taking Up Space

    Why International Women’s Day Should Be 365 Days a Year

    Every year, March 8 is supposed to break open a day for women. For 24 hours, the word “women” carries more weight, women’s voices sound a little louder and their presence isn’t only felt—it’s demanded.

  • Women’s Pages,Women’s Places

    The Link ’s Annual Women’s Issue

    What comes to mind when you think about “women,” “women’s issues” and feminine space?

  • The Women’s Issue

    What images come to mind when one thinks of “women?” How does one create a visual theme for a decidedly feminist issue that is both graphically pleasing while expressing the essence of women?

  • Nikolai Lanine’s Interview In Full

    War Veteran Draws Comparisons Between The Soviet Union and Canada

    Nikolai Lanine’s interview in full.