• Sexual Assault on the STM Needs to Stop

    ​Public Transportation is a Haven for People With Predatory Intentions Looking to Commit Their Acts of Assault With Little Risk

    ​Public transportation is a haven for people with predatory intentions looking to commit their acts of assault with little risk of repercussion.

  • Don’t@Me: You’re Not Protecting Yourself, You’re Just Racist

    Coronavirus is Becoming an Excuse for Blatant Xenophobia

    As a result of the Coronavirus hysteria, Asians are being seen as outsiders, branded as Chinese by default, regardless of what country they actually come from. Chances are, they might be as Canadian as yourself. Above all else, they are human and worthy of respect and consideration.

  • Bell, Let’s Talk

    Destigmatizing Does Nothing Without Action

    High-pressure jobs, impossible expectations, and a virtually non-existent mental health care plan reveal a harsher truth: Bell is just another giant media corporation capitalizing on a solitary hashtag.

  • Editorial: The CSU’s Priorities Are Misplaced

    There Are Bigger Problems Than Bathrooms and Wi-Fi

    Clean bathrooms and Wi-Fi on the shuttle are nice, but they shouldn’t be the main priorities of a student union.

  • Editorial: In Solidarity With CULEU

    It’s Time to Reach a Deal, Concordia

    Library employees have been without a collective agreement for over 800 days. This is unacceptable.

  • In 2020, Provincial Law Still Forbids Women From Taking Husband’s Surname

    How Quebec’s 1981 Law Reinforces Patriarchal Values

    Marriage no longer entails a woman signing herself over to her husband and abandoning her own ambitions and rights.
    If anything, women assuming their spouse’s surname today might serve to reinforce the strong bond that is shared between them.

  • Editorial: Forever Wars Make Forever Victims

    The Tragedy of Flight 752 in Iran Is a By-Product of the Horrors of War

    The delusion that the world’s eyes are secondary to those of the USA has precipitated chaos and heartache and runs much deeper than one rogue presidency.

  • Recognizing Eco-Fascist Rhetoric

    How Fascist Ideology Is Infiltrating Environmentalist Movements

    It isn’t just liberals and leftists care for the environment. In fact, many fascists, far-rightists, and even Nazis have ecology on their minds.

  • Don’t @ Me: We Get It, You’re Straight

    Saying “No Homo” or Any Variation Sounds Insecure and Reinforces Heteronormative Principles

    When men talk up their friends’ looks in an open and loving way, similar to how women do, it is seen as distasteful. That only reinforces the idea that men have to internalize everything and view everyone—even friends—with a hostile eye.

  • Kill the Myths, Not the Mood

    Sex Without Communication Is Not Good Sex

    If you’re having sex with someone, you should make sure that that person is happy, comfortable, and interested, which might mean asking for consent multiple times. It’s just as important, if not more so, to make sure that your partner is comfortable speaking up without your prompt.