Fringe Arts

  • The Undying ‘70s Massacre

    Beer, Bands and Exploitation Film For a Good Cause

    A 40-year-old porn cinema, an anniversary featuring exploitation film and a charity joining in so the party could qualify for a liquor licence were the humble beginnings of Montreal’s quasi-monthly institution, Grindhouse Wednesdays.

  • Fringe Food

    Tapas, Storytelling and Debates about Food

    So one night you ate this hot dog around 3:00 a.m. at Montréal Pool Room. It was an attempt to sober up, and you thought nothing of it.

    Nor should you have.

  • Poor Goliath

    Falling Off the Fairy-Tale Bandwagon

    Macabre and terse, cartoonist Tom Gauld’s latest graphic novel is a clever, if an ultimately unsatisfying re-imagining of the tale of David and Goliath, told from the perspective of the great giant, who is neither fierce nor hungry for war.

  • Found Footage Films Showcased

    Instead of debating the advantages or merits of different schools and styles, as film students typically do, Concordia’s Advanced Montage class decided to do something a little different—they’re going to combine them.

  • The Rule of the Fittest

    Pitchfork’s Mark Richardson on How to Survive as a Music Journalist

    In a world where even the red, flowing Rolling Stone emblem is having trouble moving magazine copies off the rack, Mark Richardson is feeling optimistic about the future of music journalism.

  • 99 Per Cent Drama

    Occupy Movement Takes the Stage With Activist Theatre

    Although the Occupy movement may have faded from headlines, it’s still alive and well on the stage. On March 31, Occupy Theatre! will have the ideals
    behind the movement in the spotlight—and the audience conducting a sit-in.

  • Tears of a Clown

    Clown School to Showcases Latest Crop of Performers

    They are gymnasts and they are theatre performers, and after hundreds of hours of training, they’ll have earned their red noses. If you think being a professional clown is all fun and games, go spend a day at Francine Côté’s Clown and Comedy School and you will never see it the same way again.

  • In Brighter Colours

    Reframe a View of Africa with The Other Expression

    With constant news of disease, famine and poverty reaching our eyes and ears, the outsider’s view of Africa is one of disconnected tragedy. It’s a view African art collective Otentik’Art is aiming to change.

  • I Saw the Sign

    From above, Thursday’s protest made Montreal roads look like they were on fire. A sea of red flowed through the city as an estimated 200,000 people protested proposed tuition hikes. From the street the view was different.

  • Weekly Spins

    Bring the Ruckus

    John Coltrane once said you can play a shoestring if you are sincere. Logically, then, a band playing standard gear can be infectious—if they’ve got the heart.