Fringe Arts

  • Life of the Promoter

    The Empty Room & The Band That Blows Your Mind

    It’s funny how things can turn around on you in the music business sometimes. When local concert promoter Noah Bick first started out, he was so hard up for shows that he would take up any offer given.

  • A Different Point of View

    Local Author Pens FLQ Fiction

    Quebec was a turbulent place in the 1970s, wrought with the burgeoning Franco-nationalist movement’s political skirmishes and a province-wide cultural upheaval. And while it’s not common to see an anglophone author depicting this time period, Raymond Beauchemin’s first novel, Everything I Own, is taking it on.

  • A Trail Through the Digital Mountains

    Montreal Artist Jon Rafman to Give FASA Talk

    Two decades into the Internet era, more writing, more photographs, more video, music and art than could ever be consumed in a lifetime now get created—and uploaded—in a week or so.

    Rather than attempt to create new and engaging art in the pretense of a vacuum, artists are now increasingly embracing the clutter, and creating by interacting directly with the mountains of data we produce, and re-contextualizing it.

  • Weekly Spins

    Soft & Slow

    With an approach that sits somewhere between those of artists like Dirty Beaches and Women, Damon McMahon’s solo project Amen Dunes offers an edgy introversion with his second LP.

  • Interaction et échange : le journalisme en 2012

    André Lavoie à la Cinémathèque québécoise

    André Lavoie, journaliste et critique de cinéma a présenté à la Cinémathèque québécoise du 18 au 22 janvier son projet ambitieux : un cycle de documentaires sur l’évolution du journalisme.

  • Frame to Frame

    It’s all About Sex

    You hear that title and I bet sex is the last thing on your mind. Not so for Arcand. It’s one of those conversational films where dialogue is the core strength of the whole piece.

  • Concordia Does Mixed Media

    Conference Series Looks at Video Games & Japanese Comics

    A cross-section of media artists will be coming to Concordia starting Saturday, Feb. 4, to unpack the meanings and models of Japanese animation and gaming.

  • Building an Empire

    Toronto Band Young Empires Aims for Perfection

    While Young Empires don’t share the same type of world-domination goals as Napoleon, they do have their eyes set on expansionism.

  • Weekly Spins

    Believe the Hype

    Hype can take you a long way fast; just ask anyone from Odd Future. However, once you make it so far, your image has to be followed with actual talent.

  • New Docs on the Big Screen

    Festival Premieres in a Hollow Desert Oasis

    You won’t need to resort to streaming that new edgy documentary on your laptop anymore. Montrealers will now have the opportunity to see recent international docs on the big screen with the help of Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal and Film POP.