Fringe Arts

  • POP Montreal Diary

    The Link’s Writers Take on POP Montreal

    Deerhoof, Peaches, Juicy J., Grimes, Mozart’s Sister, PS I Love You, Buke & Gase, Parlovr, Goose Hut, Yacht Club, Dam-Funk, CAMP, Freelove Fenner, Besnard Lakes, Hundred Watters, The Soft Moon and many more.

  • Experiments with Sound

    Buke and Gase are All Kinds of Different

    Improvisation and homemade instruments remain at the forefront of experimental pop duo Buke and Gase’ new EP, Function Falls.

  • Small Band, Titanic Sound

    PS I Love You’s Sophomore Album a Symphony of Noise

    Turn up the speakers and warn the neighbours, PS I Love You’s sophomore album, Death Dreams, packs a mighty musical punch.

  • POP Picks

    The Link’s Editors Pick Their Must-Sees

    I’m into the idea behind You’ll Dance to Anything. What makes an object resonate? What makes it unique? For those skeptics that enjoy seeing everyday objects as intrinsically symbolized by their cultural environment, You’ll Dance to Anything will help you assign new meanings to what we often take for granted.

  • Deerhoof Goes Pop, But Stays Weird

    No one ever expected Deerhoof to release a pop album.

  • Creatively Depicting the Creative Process

    Director Discusses Making of Andrew Bird: Fever Year

    Think about the hardest year in your life, professionally, physically and personally. Think about what it would be like if someone made a movie about that year.

  • It Smells Like Organic Samosas in Here

    Free Stuff at POP Montreal

    What’s more discouraging than starting the back-to-school season by peering into your wallet and sighing in despair?

  • Shooting for The Suburbs

    Artists Reveal Process Behind Arcade Fire Album Cover

    In 2011, the Arcade Fire’s third LP, The Suburbs, won Album of the Year. Three times.

  • Wading Through the Noise

    Holy Fuck’s Brian Borcherdt Gets Dusty with New Project

    There’s a certain restless quality to Brian Borcherdt’s work ethic.

  • “We Are Performers”

    Scarlett James Pimps Out the Montreal Burlesque Festival

    As fans of burlesque will know, the performance is more about the tease than the sleaze.