Fringe Arts

  • TOPS to Pop Off

    Ex-Silly Kissers Prepare North American Debut

    For TOPS, a new name is more than a fresh paintjob. You probably haven’t heard of them before, though the Montreal band has actually been around for a few years now—thye had just called themselves the Silly Kissers.

  • Montreal Fashion Week

    The Violent and the Sustainable

    In the hopes of showcasing early spring trends, local socialites and fashionistas peeped out into the cold and endured the icy cobblestones to reunite for Montreal’s 22nd semiannual Fashion Week.

  • Canvassing the Masses

    Aquil Virani Wants to Show You That You’re an Artist

    If you’ve ever felt intimidated by an art show, alienated by performance art or just like you didn’t understand, Aquil Virani wants to teach you a thing or two. “Being an artist is a mental attitude,” he says.

  • Weekly Spins

    Take it as You Please

    While ‘mature’ may be a little cliché, to say the band is more accomplished and diversified seems more accurate. Because this is exactly what has happened with The End of That.

  • Surveyed by Wolves

    Aggression & Sexuality in Oil on Canvas

    Light skin, dark hair, and not one ounce of exuberance, she sits down in front of me. The first few minutes before our interview remind me strangely of a few blind dates I had in the past, nervous laughs and awkward silences included. We are both, for very different reasons, seemingly nervous. Pon-Layus ‘s work is both unsettling and deeply meditative, and I’m eager to discuss the foundations of these controversial images with her.

  • Fringe Food

    Tasting a Former Time

    When Ken Ilasz began baking fruitcake according to a recipe handed down by his Austrian great-grandmother, he had no idea of the profound connections it might hold right here in Montreal.

  • Exploring the Darkness

    Chronicles of a Disappearance Digs at Our Deepest Fears

    We are often perched just at the edge of a void—going through life with an unrealized deep-rooted fear of death, the unknown and the unfamiliar. Chronicles of a Disappearance, on now at the DHC/ART Gallery, is the kind of exhibit that leaves you thinking about these things for days afterwards.

  • Life of the Promoter

    The Empty Room & The Band That Blows Your Mind

    It’s funny how things can turn around on you in the music business sometimes. When local concert promoter Noah Bick first started out, he was so hard up for shows that he would take up any offer given.

  • A Different Point of View

    Local Author Pens FLQ Fiction

    Quebec was a turbulent place in the 1970s, wrought with the burgeoning Franco-nationalist movement’s political skirmishes and a province-wide cultural upheaval. And while it’s not common to see an anglophone author depicting this time period, Raymond Beauchemin’s first novel, Everything I Own, is taking it on.

  • A Trail Through the Digital Mountains

    Montreal Artist Jon Rafman to Give FASA Talk

    Two decades into the Internet era, more writing, more photographs, more video, music and art than could ever be consumed in a lifetime now get created—and uploaded—in a week or so.

    Rather than attempt to create new and engaging art in the pretense of a vacuum, artists are now increasingly embracing the clutter, and creating by interacting directly with the mountains of data we produce, and re-contextualizing it.