Fringe Arts

  • Facing a Dual Identity

    ...And Now for Something Franco-Ontarian

    Presented last year in Kingston and now at Montreal’s Monument National for the first time, _L’homme invisible – The Invisible Man_by Patrice Desbiens is a theatrical example of words in action.

  • The Ivory Coast

    The Insular and Versatile Turns of Bent by Elephants

    Local chamber folk-jazz septet Bent by Elephants are magicians. Despite the fact that they’re, well, seven people, pulling off a mini-orchestral sound—they do it while escaping the trap of being pretentious.

  • Beyond the Picket

    How Artists are Tackling the Tuition Issue

    Activism can be visualized in bodies dressed in red, rippling waves of movement and free cookies. Because that’s exactly what happened for an hour on the first floor the EV building; a small student performance inclined passers-by to stop and watch and inevitably take part in the strike debate.

  • Break Up to Make Up

    The Leisure Society Asks if it’s Worth it

    Through comedy and tragedy the value of a product-driven, picture-perfect life is explored in The Leisure Society with questions like, “is sex in a pool dangerous?” and “how many people before you have to call it an orgy?”

  • Fringe Food

    The True Fringe of Montreal Dining

    While Montreal is often seen as a gourmet city—a place to drop one’s Friday pay cheque on all sorts of culinary delights, it is rarely recognized for its enduring hunger problem.

  • Frame to Frame

    The Power of Non-Violent Palestine

    Budrus tells the story of a village’s struggle to keep its land amidst Israeli fences being constructed between the West Bank and Israel in 2004.

  • Extreme Shoegazing

    Carpet Brings the Noise to a Vibrant Scene

    It’s always a race for pro music writers and bloggers alike to pen the next micro-genre tagline, to the extent where the actual practice of listening can get a little sidelined. For Montreal-based Carpet, they are content knowing who they are, bringing an innovative spin to the shoegaze table.

  • The Long Road Home

    Finding Solo Inspiration With John K. Samson

    Though he’s been in the Canadian music scene since the late ‘80s, this week marks a first for the Weakerthans frontman.

  • A Cultural Institution in Crisis

    Cinemathèque Québécoise at Risk of Bankruptcy

    Montreal film buffs may soon be grieving the loss of one of the province’s most important institutions

  • Steve’s Music Founder Dies at 65

    Steve Kirman, founder and owner of Steve’s Music, passed away on Saturday. He was 65 years old.