Fringe Arts

  • Fringe Food

    Let the Chef Headline

    As you can probably glean from the name, SAT’s current focus on culinary innovation takes the cozy wintry form of the indoor apéritif: offering a warm dynamism to those bleak hivernale hours of retreating light. A riff off the traditional 5 à 7 happy hour featured at many a brasserie Montréalaise, FoodLab 5@10 offers a weekly thematic tasting menu paired with a carte of natural (mostly Québec) wines, all in their brand-new 3rd floor tech-heavy environment. It’s a freshly-spun selection of small plates, best described as ‘dinner…ish.’

  • Corruption, Misinformation and Sex

    Requiem Pour un Trompettiste Inspired by Film Noir, Political Scandal

    The play starts in a hotel room with a beautiful naked woman getting out of bed, lighting a cigarette, and taking a swig of whiskey.

  • Link Picks: Best Music of 2011

    We compile our favourite albums of the year for your listening pleasure.

  • Lived Spaces & Fragmented Voices

    Zohar Kfir’s Multimedia Work Explores Collective Memory

    “Art is a futile act of generosity,” said the famous existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre, in that the artist cannot guarantee his or her meanings safe passage to the audience. But perhaps it’s when the viewer is merely given elements to order and designate meaning that the most personal, artistic narrative can take shape. Tel Aviv-born multimedia artist Zohar Kfir will…

  • Dances With Warehouses

    Montreal Choreographer Brings Winter to Life With Janvier

    The start of this calendar year has a special significance for Montreal-based choreographer Tedi Tafel, who brings Janvier to wintry life in an old railway building.

  • The Darcys Find Their Sound

    Toronto Band Drops New Album, Remake Steely Dan

    Toronto rock outfit the Darcys’ self-titled album, released this past fall and the catalyst for their upcoming North American tour, was one that even the band thought would never get finished.

  • Weekly Spins

    Teen Movie Soundtrack

    Snævar Njáll Albertsson is a cute, bearded Danish guy who makes music under the moniker Dad Rocks! He plays happy-go-lucky folk-pop that could probably pass as a children’s album if it wasn’t for the occasional profanity.

  • Frame To Frame

    The Top 10 Films of 2011

    So 2012 has begun, and a plethora of film blogs, columns, sites, critics and lovers have already made their obligatory best-of lists for 2011. Better late than never for this column to make its contribution, then. Last year was a year in film that boasted a record number of sequels (“Why try something original when you’ve got tried and true…

  • After the Eviction

    Grindhouse Wednesdays Raises Funds for Occupy Montreal

    While there may not be a physical camp in Montreal’s financial sector anymore, Montreal’s chapter of the Occupy movement is still working towards their goal of direct democracy. Grindhouse Wednesdays, a film and music event active since 2009, hosted an Occupy Special with musical performances, improv and film to raise funds for the movement.

  • Prostitutes for the American Dream

    NTS Revives Albee’s Absurdism

    Nearly 50 years before shoppers were pepper-spraying each other to get at the best sale, legendary American playwright Edward Albee wrote a dark adaptation of Giles Cooper’s Everything in the Garden – a scathing critique of the era’s growing consumerism. The National Theatre School…