Fringe Arts

  • After the Eviction

    Grindhouse Wednesdays Raises Funds for Occupy Montreal

    While there may not be a physical camp in Montreal’s financial sector anymore, Montreal’s chapter of the Occupy movement is still working towards their goal of direct democracy. Grindhouse Wednesdays, a film and music event active since 2009, hosted an Occupy Special with musical performances, improv and film to raise funds for the movement.

  • Prostitutes for the American Dream

    NTS Revives Albee’s Absurdism

    Nearly 50 years before shoppers were pepper-spraying each other to get at the best sale, legendary American playwright Edward Albee wrote a dark adaptation of Giles Cooper’s Everything in the Garden – a scathing critique of the era’s growing consumerism. The National Theatre School…

  • Northern Exposure

    Art Sumo Connects the World through Unknown Artists

    Despite not claiming to be an art connoisseur, Montreal engineer Naysawn Naderi has helped bring the world closer together through art, particularly through artists that have yet to make a name for themselves.

  • Weekly Spins

    Whole Lotta Love

    Diversity is cool, man. Ain’t No Love, a fresh quartet of MCs, shimmering pipes and slick electro production has really put some of that in their debut EP.

  • Frame to Frame

    Atmospheric Eeriness

    “Fear is the most amazing feeling of all,” says Patrick (John Hawkes) to our heroine Martha (Elizabeth Olsen), as the final act begins. With that line we’re hit with a realization – fear is the driving force behind Sean Durkin’s debut feature film. Underneath the lush cinematography, hiding behind the ominous score by Daniel Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans and present in almost every glance and gesture Martha makes, lurks a fear that dominates the narrative and spurs the plot onward. It’s also what keeps us glued to the screen.

  • Fringe Food

    An Anarchist Oasis

    Nestled inside the labyrinth that is the Pavillon Hubert-Aquin at the Université du Québec à Montréal lies an anarchist oasis. Deep within UQAM’s Human Sciences facility—whose drab layout belies its outspoken revolutionary namesake, Quebec author Hubert Aquin—I have become completely lost. Only the third person I stop shows the slightest hint of recognition at…

  • Fringe for the Holidays

    Local Craft Fairs Offer Up Unique Gift Possibilities

    The best parts of the holiday season are those things you can’t quantify: decorating your house, visiting your family, digging into fantastic meals, playing in the snow. That nice warm, cozy feeling you get when you sit back and contemplate the things you have to be happy for.

  • Inspiration in Isolation

    Malajube Come in From the Cold With La Caverne

    The cover of Malajube’s most recent album depicts a weird, glowing geometric house. Maybe not as strange as the lung-butterfly creature on the cover of their Polaris Prize-nominated 2006 album Trompe-l’oeil, but it’s still a little odd.

  • Weekly Spins

    Through Grief or Hallucination

    With the lure of a snake charmer, John Dwyer returns from the dark with Thee Oh Sees wielding a demon punk power.

  • An Underground Identity

    Alternative Jewish Culture in Film and Music

    For Punk Jews director Jesse Zook Mann, Judaism is more than just observing tradition, heritage and religious laws. “For us in New York, Judaism has kind of become sterilized,” said Zook Mann. He was called from California through Skype for a Q&A after the 20-minute long preview …