Fringe Arts

  • Having a Gas

    “We are, all of us, after a myth, I think,” Peter Dubé says in his new book Subtle Bodies: A Fantasia on Voice, History and René Crevel.

  • Yarn Wars

    Local Artist Transforms With Colour

    If you have recently wandered around the Mile End or Plateau, you may already be familiar with Heather Utah’s yarn bombs.

  • Monster Mash

    Creatures of All Shapes and Sizes Come Together for Halloween

    Halloween is approaching, and what better way to pay homage to this wonderful holiday than by celebrating the art of monsters?

  • No End In Sight

    The Alberta Dream, Crushed

    So much for the notion that the “Alberta dream” is a safe and reassuring one.

  • Rage Against the Drum Machine

    Why Montreal’s SuperFossilPower Won’t Part With His Casio Keyboard

    “I think that computers will be able to do things that up until now in history would have been seen as only in the realm of possibility of humans.”
    Drum machinist and founder of the one-man band SuperFossilPower, Tyler K. Rauman, could easily be talking about advances in cybernetics, or the event horizon in which artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence.

  • Space Shift

    Internet Is Dead Release ‘Zine About Time Travel

    Carl Sagan would be proud—the music and art world is obsessed with space and cosmos-related things. Local art collective and budding label Internet Is Dead is no exception.

  • Concordia Graduate Dabbles in Painting and Photography

    These days, more and more artists seem to be taking on more and more mediums. No longer do we have Vincent van Goghs who focus solely on one mode of expression. We have multi-disciplinary artists who don’t believe in the boundaries of a canvas, lens, material, or whatever way you choose to explore art.

  • Karkwa First Francophones to Win Polaris

    Shortlist had many previous nominees and winners

    TORONTO (CUP)—After the longest jury deliberation in the indie music prize’s history, Montreal’s Karkwa took home the Polaris star.

  • Lenny Bruce Is Dead! Long Live L—Ahh, Never Mind

    Jonathan Goldstein’s long-dead comedic masterpiece rises from the grave

    “It’s like a joke,” said Ira Glass, “if jokes were supposed to make you sad instead of happy.”
    That’s a line taken from the foreword to Jonathan Goldstein’s first novel, Lenny Bruce Is Dead. The book was originally published in 2001 and is being re-released this month by Coach House Books.

  • Indigenous Righters

    Three Native Writers Address Wrongs, Language, Genre in Friday Night Reading

    Three Native writers—Louise B. Halfe, Daniel David Moses and Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm—graced Concordia with their presence and words Friday night as part of Creative Process and Performance in Indigenous Writing, a string of multi-faculty events to promote awareness of indigenous writing in Montreal.