Fringe Arts

  • Coast to Coast to Coast

    Blog Documents the Weirder Sides of the Canadian Music Scene

    Our Great White North, whether you know it or not, is bursting with a rich underground music scene.

  • Quick Read

    L (and things come apart)

    Henry, the quiet and unassuming protagonist of author Ian Orti’s L (and things come apart), rents the flat above his cafe to an enchanting and mysterious woman by the name of L.

  • Listomania

    Top Tens, Tweets and Old Targets

    The Can Lit Blogosphere was set abuzz this past week by the appearance of two Top 10 lists: ten Overrated and Underrated Canadian Authors.

  • Three Pieces of Creative Writing

    A perfect companion for trying to leave your bed and head on a shiftless Sunday

    This week’s Literary Arts section politely requests your attention. Please direct your eyes and brainstem to the three Herculean efforts of creative writing that grace this printed page. They are now part of Concordia’s long and rich literary canon. Do not doubt them. Rather, clip this page out and store it away. One day you may have to sell it at auction for several billion space credits. You never know.

  • The Sinking of the Friend Ship

    Montreal’s Favourite Secret is Over and Out

    Tucked away in the heart of Griffintown, up an iron spiral flight of stairs, overlooking the city’s once thriving industrial neighborhood is Friendship Cove. The venue has hosted hundreds of concerts, countless memorable evenings and served as a launching pad for bands emerging in Montreal’s independent music scene.

  • Man About Town

    Jack Dylan brings his art back to Montreal

    Jack Dylan has been un flâneur about town for years and he didn’t even know it.

  • Vintage vixens

    Ladies of vintage take on Mile-End studio project

    Vintage has become more than just a style for Brooke Doyle and Becky Emlaw. What many fashion-savvy people consider a hobby has become these ladies’ livelihoods.

  • The power of hope

    Local indie darlings headline a show at the revitalised The Rialto

    As the dust settles on the now-condemned Green Room on St. Laurent Boulevard after a recent fire, many in the city lament the loss of another mid-sized local venue. However, as one building falls, a bright light appears in the horizon in the form of the Parc Avenue institution The Rialto.

  • Wacky and weird

    The Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival celebrates a decade of existence

    Among the bigwigs of Montreal’s summer music festivals—ahem, Montreal Jazz Festival—stands a small but significant festival that is as wacky and interesting as its name. The Suoni Per Il Popolo festival is gracing Montreal with its tenth year with an odd lineup of mysterious and obscure acts.

  • The beginning of an end for Isis

    It’s the final curtain call for Boston-bred and LA-based post-metal outfit Isis. After 13 years and five full-length releases—as well as a myriad number of EPs and live albums—the Ipecac Record recording artists’ appearance at Club Soda on June 23 will be their last show ever.