Link Live Sessions

Our video team films musicians playing in various spots around the city.

  • The Alley Sessions - OOLONG

    This was the first Alley Session of a new summer, a little endeavour down an obscure Ruelle Verte deep in the heart of the Plateau. We chose OOLONG, the quiet, unassuming country-stylings of William Spratley, to kick off this latest summer of alleyway musicality. OOLONG’s close-mouthed nostalgic ballads are the perfect blend of summer malaise and springtime desire, with just a dash of hopelessness.

    Check out OOLONG here, and look out for a whole summer’s worth of The Alley Sessions.

    Brandon Johnston

    Video + Sound // Engineering + Production
    Zachary Goldberg-Mota

  • Stevenson

    Combine one part indie rock darling, one part Quebecois punk, and then toss in a healthy doss of emo and a fifth of whiskey, you get Stevenson. The Montreal rock quartet are made up of several local heroes, with members in such far-flung Quebec acts as Golden Python and Gulfer, the group have been shredding Montreal since their inception last year.

    Check out this latest Link Live Session of Stevenson performing “Jelly” at Plastic Soul Studios in the Plateau.

    Hélène Bauer
    Brandon Johnston

    Sound & Mixing
    Colin Spratt

    Produced by
    Zachary Goldberg-Mota

    Shot at Plastic Soul Studios

    Check out Stevenson here:

  • Corridor

    It was the first warm day of March when Corridor traversed down to Plastic Soul Studios, a mysterious home studio deep in backstreets of the Plateau.

    I showed early with an orange juice and a smile, ready to record. Corridor showed up similarly, only orange juice replaced with early-afternoon beer and smiles replaced with even bigger smiles.

    The quartet were jaunty, happily making themselves comfortable in the cramped Plateau apartment. Made up of Montreal natives Jonathan Robert, Dominic Berthiaume, Julien Bakvis, and Julian Perreault, Corridor is an angular rock outfit reminiscent of Women and Palm. Their songs combine psychedelic guitar tones with disjointed slightly augmented melodies and oddly angelic, washed out harmonies.

    Check out Corridor playing across Montreal, and buy their album here.

  • Third Child

    The Link first encountered Franco-American musician Third Child (Ryan Lloyd) in the balmy late days of summer, opening for a really loud slowcore show at Casa del Popolo. By this point already having rebuffed the full-band lineup for a broken down, solo-guitarist aesthetic, he was arrestingly alone, up there on stage, differentiated from the loud, repetitive nature of the remainder of the night’s bill. I was immediately struck by his structures, clever combinations of samba and jazz themes that adeptly toe a line between disjointed melodies and pop arrangements.

    He’s also incredibly charming.

    Cut to a depressingly gray day in September. Lloyd was kind enough to make his way northward to St. Joseph, where we shot a live session on a rather drab cement roof, ducking sporadic showers and sighing at overhead helicopters. Lloyd displayed his signature charisma and normcore swagger, and then busted out a new, previously unheard jam entitled “Flannery O’Connor”. This track is a gorgeous Third Child ballad, an amalgamation of pop stylings cut together into a dizzyingly effective tune, at once catchy and meditative, full of cuttingly memorable one-liners and a flurry of cultural references. The culmination is one similar to meeting Lloyd — immediately disarming, totally endearing.

    Ryan Lloyd lives and works in Montreal. He has one full-length record released, and more in the works.

    Check out Third Child here:

    Video by Shaun Michaud & Michelle Pucci
    Sound and Production by Zach Goldberg

    Written by Zach Goldberg

  • Adult Mom Crushes With Heart-Rending Pop

    In early June, The Link was lucky enough to catch Adult Mom, the project of front-person Steph Knipe.

    Born out of Knipe’s personal struggles with gender identity, queer life and being a trans person in a radically non-inclusive world, Adult Mom’s music is a combination of upbeat bedroom pop, and crushingly sad singer-songwriter.

    On a warm June evening, just before Knipe was to play a solo set at Casa del Popolo, we shot a quiet, relaxed session of a single song on the steps of a huge church on St. Joseph Blvd.

    Check out Adult Mom at all these fine places, and make sure to keep an eye on this rising star.

    Sound: Zach Goldberg
    Video and Edit: Shaun Michaud
    Produced by Zach Goldberg