M83 Branches into Film

  • M83’s Oblivion soundtrack April 9, 2013 through Back Lot Records

Anthony Gonzalez, the genius behind the awe-inspiring shoegaze tunes of M83, has achieved his dream of taking his music to the big screen.

M83 is most known for their 2005 release Before the Dawn Heals Us, and the 2011 mega-hit Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, with the catchy and saxxy tune “Midnight City.”

Gonzalez has teamed up with Tron: Uprising composer Joseph Trapanese for the score of the upcoming sci-fi flick Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise in a post-apocalyptic future on Earth.

The first song of the score, “StarWaves,” was released March 6, 2013.

Reminiscent of John Murphy’s “Surface of the Sun” score for the 2007 film Sunshine, “StarWaves” has an eerie celestial melody that slowly builds and gains momentum, maintaining a melancholy and forlorn tone.

The song reaches climax in a transcendental finale of soaring synths that rocket listeners through the deep reaches of space, swelling with emotion, then retreating back into the cosmos as quickly as it arrived.

The soundtrack for Oblivion is set to be released on April 9 through Back Lot Records.

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