Cosmic Warriors

Local Band Golden Isles Release New Album

Local band the Golden Isles are making “a wide spectrum of beautiful sound.”

With the universe as a meter and these six friends as our rhythmic sense of understanding, we as listeners are invited to be part of local band the Golden Isles’ journey towards a “one and eternal sound.”

Metaphors aside, the Golden Isles are pretty normal guys. They aren’t only musical cosmic warriors—they are also university students.

Formed four years ago, the Golden Isles created their own unique sound that is laced with subtle psychedelic influences and heavy, haunting vocals—a sound that they admit is somewhat of a modern spinoff from the neo-soul sound from the West Coast.

“We integrate all kinds of [influences], like we’re all really into hip hop, R&B and soul, and we love rock [music] too,” said Adam Feingold, lead singer of the Golden Isles.

In terms of playing live shows, the band prefers unconventional venues.

“We try to [play] as many rooftops as possible,” said Feingold, reminiscing about the Second Cup rooftop concert that took place last summer on St. Laurent Boulevard.

“We want to do a whole free tour where we just run up on somewhere to play on and bring it,” Feingold said.

Alongside Feingold and his heavy, swooning vocals are his bandmates and long-time friends Kyle Salhany, Richard Wenger, Johnny Knowles, Matthew Salaciak and Emmanuel Thibeau.

“We were all drawn to a certain oasis in the town of Mount Royal [where] we all drank from the same cup, essentially,” Feingold said.

“We’re all wed in an eternal bond of musicianship and camaraderie. [We] spiritually and emotionally found each other,” Feingold said of the band’s relationship.

Currrently the band is trying to create a healthy balance between school, music and touring. We can expect great things from the Golden Isles in the near future.

“[We’re] going to have a whole new reservoir of music. We’re [just] not entirely sure in what physical way we’re going to put it out,” he said. “It’s going to be all over the place—a wide spectrum of beautiful sound.”

Golden Isles will celebrate their CD release party for Forward at Le Belmont (4483 Saint Laurent Blvd.) on Thursday, Sept. 23. Admission is $5.

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 06, published September 21, 2010.