Apply for the Doug Leslie Bursary: Editors and Staff Welcome to Apply

Doug Leslie was The Link’s first editor-in-chief.

When he passed away in 2012, a bursary fund was set up in his name. Every year $1,000 is distributed in his honour to Linkies in financial need–to either one person or split between two.

To be eligible you need to have staff status, meaning you’ve contributed at least four separate times to four issues this semester.

You must also be registered as a student and returning next year.

To apply, you’ll need to write us a one-to-two page letter, and have it sent to us before Nov. 28. It should describe your level of financial need, how you plan on contributing to The Link in the coming year, and how the bursary will help you do so. You’ll also need to include three of your contributions to the publication.
Send everything in PDF form to before Nov. 28. Good luck!

Eligible to apply: Miriam Lafontaine, Savannah Stewart, Elaine Genest, Alexander Perez, Savanna Craig, Aysha White, Marissa Ramnanan, Dustin Kagan-Fleming, Ireland Compton, Jon Milton, Franca Mignacca, Victoria Lamas, Elisa Barbier, Aiden Locke, Olivier Cadotte, Daren Zomerman, Samuel Boafo, Elias Grigoriadis, Erika Morris, Louis Pringle, John Ngala, Victor Depois, Louis Pringle, Kayleigh Valentine, Chris Michaud, Jillian Reynolds, Caroline Tran and Wala Amara.

One contribution needed to apply: Penina Simon.

Two contributions needed to apply: Rebecca Meloche.

Three contributions needed to apply: Alina Murad, Sareema Husain, Olivier Robidoux, and Caitlin Yardley.

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