Youmna El Halabi

  • Venezuelan Artist Jose Yumar Literally Found His Voice in the Streets of Montreal

    Taking Mud and turning It Into Gold

    With gleaming eyes and brush strokes on his arms and legs, Jose Antonios Yumars’ art studio is a world where Jackson Pollock meets Henri Michaux. “They’re probably my biggest inspirations,” he says.

  • Film Review at Concordia’s Film Festival: “Pre-Drink”

    A Look At Gender Through Lemire’s Work of Art

    A woman is getting ready for a night out, she paints her nails by the window of her dimly lit bedroom. Staring at her reflection in the mirror, she cocks her head from left to right, and slips out of her shirt. There she is, in her bra, admiring herself. She continues to strip down, giving both the audience, and herself, a frontal view of her pale breasts. She cups them, but not in a sexual way. She is marvelling at herself, as if discovering her body for the first time.

  • Diversity in Concordia’s 45th Film Festival

    Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema Encourages Inclusion

    The festival screened premieres, made up of short films and animations, created by Concordia students and international filmmakers alike. MHSoC proudly stands as the largest university-based centre for film studies in Canada, with a collection of works screened to great acclaim at festivals around the world.