Shannon Carranco

  • Vigils for the Mosque Shooting Anniversary Fell Flat

    Where Did the Compassion Go?

    It seemed that what had happened only a year ago was just a distant memory, that the fear and passion, the commitment to never allow something like this to happen again in Quebec, was replaced by apathy.

  • Living in Cabot Square

    What Life is Like for Montreal’s Homeless People Being Pushed Out

    For years the Cabot Square area has been known to be a rough area. Historically it’s been a gathering place for a large homeless population in Montreal, especially those who are First Nations.

  • Concordia University Tops the Charts for Clean Energy Use

    LEED Building Design A Major Role in Low Consumption

    For the 17th year, Concordia University had the lowest energy cost per unit area compared to six other major universities in Quebec in 2015-2016, according to a Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur report.

  • Theatre Review: Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Thrives at the Cazalet Theatre

    German Exchange Students and Concordia’s Department of Theatre Collaborate in Multidimensional Play

    Concordia’s Department of Theatre performed Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Nov. 1 to the 4 at the black box Cazalet Theatre, located on Concordia’s Loyola campus.

  • Concordia Greenhouse Sees Increase in Funds

    Greenhouse Finds Funds for Repairs, Becomes Wheelchair Accessible

    A significant increase in money means an increase in accessibility and the completion of significant repairs on Concordia’s downtown greenhouse, the group presented at their annual general meeting Monday.

  • Discover Different Forms of Art Therapy and Where To Find Them in Montreal

    Healing Creation, Through Dance, Art, and Drama

    Being a university student in Montreal can be a terribly stressful ordeal. Between taking classes, studying for exams, having full-time or part-time jobs, maintaining a social life, and experiencing this city for what it is, it can be easy to disregard the importance of balancing our mental health.

  • Montreal is a Green City, Literally

    How Some Groups are Bringing Agriculture Onto the Island

    Non-profits like Santropol Roulant, POC, Alvéole, and the Hudson Food Collective are pioneers in innovative, sustainable urban agriculture.

  • Montreal Comedians Laugh in the Face of Sexism

    Tranna Wintour, Kirsten Finch, D.J. Mausner and Ladyfest Talk Comedy, Heckling and Making Space

    More often than not, comedy shows in Montreal only feature one or two female comics on a lineup.

  • Discover Café Pacefika and the Meraki Whole Person Health Centre

    Not-for-profit Café Funds Only Trans Youth Clinic in Quebec

    A fifteen minute walk from the Concordia downtown campus is the relatively new Café Pacefika.

  • A Festive Media Conference in Detroit

    Last week, a handful of Link editors drove down to Detroit, Michigan, for 19th edition of the Allied Media Conference, attending a series of workshops on community social justice organizing by way of participatory media.

  • Say Hello to The Oops Kitchen

    Folk Quartet Channels a Variety of Vibes

    On the third Sunday of every month, The Oops Kitchen gathers at L’Escalier bar to play their original Roma inspired folk songs.

  • Meet The Barrel Heads

    DIY Rock and Roll Band Talks Dropping Acid and Life in the Underground

    Punks and hipsters from across the city gathered at Le Divan Orange to warm up, have a few drinks, and dance to escape the January cold.

  • Decyphering Hip-Hop and Soul at Le Cypher

    With Weekly Jam Sessions, Artists Both Experienced and Inexperienced Share the Stage

    “Like with any music, it’s one thing to practice but it’s another to play. You’ve got to play, especially in the hip-hop vein, because not enough emphasis is placed on musicianship and rapping with a band.”

  • The Link’s Top Picks From Art Matters 2017

    Student-Curated Festival Offers Up Variety of Thematic Shows

    Vernissages and shows will be taking place over the next few weeks, giving everyone a chance to check out the student-curated shows in their own time. For this year’s edition of the festival viewers will have the unique opportunity to experience performances, video and audio installations, sculptural pieces, photo series and, of course, artwork through traditional mediums like painting and drawing.

  • The Impossible Comedy

    Tuesday Night Cafe’s Adaptation of When Five Years Pass

    Tuesday Night Cafe Theatre presents their latest production of When Five Years Pass, a performance that toys with the timeline and answers what love may or may not be.

  • Emerging Film Production Company Breaks Away from Typical Role Casting

    Tiny Arms Productions Strives to Create Space for Diverse Actors

    For their newest production, a short film called “It’s Carla Your Agent,” Yao and Darbyson shot in Notre-Dame-de-Grace. Last Saturday, at 10 a.m. sharp, a team of 13 people filled a small living room with sound booms, high tech camera equipment, make-up kits and coffeemakers.

  • Café Coop Empowers People Struggling with Mental Health Through Art and Performance

    Community Organization Promotes Safe Space and Community Feeling

    The events held at the Wellington Centre in Verdun have a unique ambiance that performers and observers can enjoy together. Dimly lit, the vibe is warm and welcoming. Participants are encouraged to munch on finger food and share family recipes before the show starts. The performers are welcomed on and off stage with applause regardless of experience or expertise.