Simon New

  • Concert Review: The Underachievers Overachieve

    Rap Duo Drives the Audience Wild at the Ancient Future Festival

    This year’s Ancient Future festival was host to a number of crazy talented groups, one of which was The Underachievers. Here’s our review on their performance!

  • Back Onstage and it Feels Great

    A Review of Local Rock Band NAVIR

    After being on hiatus for a bit of time, Montreal-based rock band NAVIR is back, and with a strong performance that was almost like they had never left.

  • Forget Time, Just Dance

    An Independent Music Festival in Montreal’s Old Port

    Ribbons decorate nearly every surface; lights in hues of blue, red and green are scattered across the ground and bouncing from tree to tree. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were in a real forest.

  • Is Homeopathy Legit?

    It’s more apparent than ever that these practices are nothing more than organic, gluten-free snake oil.