Meagan Wohlberg

  • Praying in Hallways

    Muslim Students Denied Prayer Space in EV Building

    “I said I thought that was contrary to the values of the university,” Nazar told The Link. “It disturbs me that he thinks there’s a contradiction between being Muslim and being Canadian

  • Quebec Group Advocates For Sex Workers’ Rights

    Another voice has joined the debate on the legal status of sex work in Canada.

  • Israeli Apartheid Week Kicks Off

    Divestment Sanctions, Academic Boycotts Slated

    Ending occupation in the Middle East is a process that has to begin at home, say the organizers of Montreal’s seventh annual Israeli Apartheid Week taking place this week.

  • What Would Jesus Drill?

    Quebec Christian Organizations Oppose Shale Gas Exploration

    Christian organizations in Quebec joined the growing mobilization calling for a moratorium on shale gas exploration last week.

  • A Legacy of Hope

    Martin Luther King III Speaks at Concordia

    Civil rights activist and proponent of non-violence Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of eradicating the “three evils” of poverty, racism and militarism while he was alive.

  • Secret Trials, Blackmail and Other Adventures

    Panel Investigates the Human Rights Cost of National Security

    Secret trials, blackmail and other “dirty tricks” were on the table at “CSIS: Who needs them?” an event held at Concordia’s Hall Building over the weekend.

  • Carlton U Sociologist Deconstructs Prison Expansion

    Despite a steady decline in cases of reported crime in Canada since 1991, the country’s prison population is on the rise—and with it, plans for massive prison expansion projects.

  • Radical History 101

    Panel Traces History of Social Movements at Concordia

    There are some parts of Concordia’s history that you will not find in glossy student recruitment brochures.

  • Imagined Territory

    Adrienne Clarkson Speaks on National Unity, Cultural Difference

    Covering nearly one million square kilometres of the globe, the geographical vastness of this country alone is enough to put a strain on the quest of Canadians for national unity.

  • Protests in Montreal, Riots in Tunisia

    At Least 10 Killed by Tunisian Police Since Mid-December

    Dozens of Tunisians and their supporters gathered outside their country’s consulate in Montreal on Sunday to denounce the political violence that has left as many as 20 protesters dead and many more injured.

  • Students Denied Prayer Space Request in EV Building

    Muslim grad students looking for a space to pray in Concordia’s EV building have been told they will have to continue their frequent jaunts to the Hall building due to an issue of space allocation.

  • Living In Limbo

    A Refugee Claimant from Cameroon is in Immigration Purgatory

    When Simo Sandrine Téclaire arrived at Dorval airport as an accepted immigrant to Canada in 2006, she was surprised to learn that her file was not going to be accepted after all.

  • ‘We Cannot Win This Battle On Our Own’

    Algonquins of Barriere Lake Take On Feds, Again

    Just three and a half hours north of Parliament Hill is a small village where the Algonquin of Barriere Lake live.

  • Bleeding for Civil Disobedience

    Anarchists Against the Wall Tour North America

    There is an old saying which suggests that “good fences make good neighbours.”
    But you may have a hard time hearing that in the West Bank.

  • Out of the Trenches

    Tim Miller on the HIV/AIDS Culture Wars

    The fallen heroes of a different kind of war were remembered last Thursday at Tim Miller’s lecture, Sex/Body/Self/Virus.
    The long-time HIV/AIDS activist and queer performance artist dedicated his Concordia talk and performance to honouring his friends who died in the early 90s from AIDS while fighting in the “culture wars” in the United States.

  • Anti-Smuggling Law Misses the Mark

    Proposed Bill Would Punish Refugees and Smugglers Alike: Crépeau

    The Conservative government’s new proposed law on human smuggling is causing concern among refugee advocates.

  • Deportation is Double Punishment: Activists

    Dany Villanueva Faces Deportation Due to Criminal Record

    Twenty protesters gathered outside of the Immigration and Refugee Board early Wednesday morning to denounce the deportation of Dany Villanueva to Honduras.

  • An Inspiring Account of Non-violent Resistance in Palestine

    “Death, stealing and uprooting the trees are one and the same,” says an old landowner, looking to the horizon where Israel planned to erect its infamous wall in early 2004.

  • Reporter Supports Israel Defense Force

    Yaakov Katz’s Claims Contradict UN Findings

    International media may be biased against Israel, claims Yaakov Katz, the military correspondent for The Jerusalem Post.
    “Israel has a legitimate story to tell,” he said to journalism students and professors at Concordia last week during a lecture on reporting in the Middle East. “But it’s very difficult to get that story into today’s media.”

  • Tall Order at Montreal’s World March of Women

    With education, health care, employment, housing and gender-based violence on the agenda, the Quebec Women’s Federation will be walking under a big banner at the World March of Women.