Marion Lefevre

  • Pro-Assad and Anti-War Protesters Gather to Oppose Trump’s Strikes

    Montreal Protest Held in Response to Airstrikes in Syria

    *Protesters gathered at Norman Bethune Square Sunday for an emergency rally opposing President Trump’s recent airstrikes. The U.S. government retaliated against the Syrian regime for the chemical attacks allegedly conducted by the government on April 4.

  • Terrorism: A Loaded Label

    A Discussion With Media and Communication Professor Ahmed Al-Rawi

    Within hours of the Quebec City mosque shooting on Jan. 28, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released a statement officially condemning the shooting at the Centre culturel islamique de Québec.

  • Montreal Women’s March Takes a Stand Against Trump

    Thousands Gather Downtown in Solidarity With Protests in Washington

    “Solidarity—Divided, we fall,” read a huge sign among the crowd. A day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, thousands protested at Place des Arts to show solidarity for American women doing just the same south of the border.

  • “Anger and Disappointment” From Protesters Over Pipeline Approval

    Justin Trudeau Steps Back From Promises, Montrealers Step to the Streets

    A peaceful demonstration of more than a hundred protesters gathered on Phillips Square last Saturday, Dec. 3. Shouted slogans and singing traditional Indigenous songs, protesters expressed discontentment at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to approve the extension of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline in British Columbia.

  • Montreal as a Hub for Activism in the African Diaspora

    Concordia’s Black Studies Conference Highlights the Life of Louise Langdon

    “All study is Black study,” said Nene Konaté, an organizer of Black Studies at Concordia.

  • Laughter That Empowers

    Using the Stand-Up Stage to Centre the Marginalized

    The Feminist Stand Up Comedy Night, organized by the Centre for Gender Advocacy, provided an open space for women, queer people and people of colour to laugh away their experiences with oppression onstage.