Jonathan Caragay-Cook

  • Black Lives Matter

    Candlelight Vigil Held Standing with U.S. Protests after Grand Jury Doesn’t Indict in Michael Brown Case

    Hundreds gathered outside McGill for a candlelight vigil on Tuesday night, standing in solidarity with U.S. protesters who took to the streets following a grand jury’s decision not to indict a police officer for the death of Michael Brown.

  • CSU By-Election Referendum Walkthrough

    Six Questions Will Appear on the By-Election Ballot

    What students will be voting for during this week’s by-elections

  • Student Congress Says Yes to Sustainability, No to Dance Majors

    Second Congressional Gathering of Student Associations Sees Intense Debates

    A motion to integrate a “sustainability component” into all programs passed during the second session of the Concordia Student Congress on Thursday.

  • BDS Movement Question Altered to Exclude Israeli Human Rights Violations

    The referendum question asking the Concordia Student Union to endorse the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel will appear differently on ballots than what students used to campaign with days leading up to the vote.

  • UPDATE: BDS Movement Question Altered to Exclude Mention of Israeli Human Rights Violations

    UPDATE : The CSU Judicial Board chose to use the alternate referendum question created by the CSU CEO Andre-Marcel Baril, which states, “Do you approve of the CSU endorsing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel?”

  • A Mealtime Epic

    Chartwells, Sysco and the Future of Food at Concordia

    A request for proposal (RFP) for a new campus-wide food service provider is under negotiation between many groups, including students; it will be ready by the end of the year, according to Concordia University spokesperson Chris Mota. It’s been almost 12 years since Chartwells signed an exclusive contract with Concordia University.

  • Police Injures Onlooker as Austerity Protest Concluded

    A protest against austerity ended with intervention from police, leaving one uninvolved passerby with an injured ankle

    A woman twisted her ankle and was left limping due to physical aggression from a police officer, toward the end of a protest against austerity Wednesday night in downtown Montreal.

  • Uniting Communities Cross-Continent

    Demonstration Held Downtown to Show Solidarity With Missing Students in Mexico

    Holding candles and posters outside the Mexican consulate, a crowd gathered to demonstrate their solidarity and support for the 43 missing students in Mexico Tuesday night.

  • Students Join Forces Against Pipelines

    New Student Coalition Created to Protest Fossil Fuel Pipelines

    TransCanada has a new, younger generation of formal opposition. The Concordia Student Union, alongside three other student unions, have formed the Coalition ÉCO, or Étudiants et étudiantes contre les oléoducs, to demand an end to fossil fuel pipelines.

  • Construction of Mezz Advocacy Centre to Begin Promptly

    Construction on the Concordia Student Union’s Advocacy Centre will begin “as early as next week” at its new location on the mezzanine of the Hall Building, according to CSU VP Academic and Advocacy Terry Wilkings.

  • Round Two Against Austerity

    Smaller Nighttime Anti-Austerity March Ends with One Arrest

    Anti-austerity protests resumed Friday night at Place Émilie-Gamelin, where hundreds gathered to denounce austerity. One person was arrested at the end of the march through downtown Montreal.

  • Combatting Climate Change by Pledging to Not Have Babies?

    Guest Lecturer Explores Viability of Radical Reproductive Strike Against Fracking

    A reproductive strike by feminists in Canada could be a source of major political leverage against ecologically-damaging government initiatives such as fracking and the Alberta tar sands, proposed Niko Block at a lecture in the Simone de Beauvoir Institute on Tuesday.

  • Painting a Fútbol Culture onto Montreal

    Local Pub Owner Enlists Help of Spanish Artist to Unite Art and Soccer

    “Giving my little help and work—being in a city I have a nice connection with—it makes the project really good.”

  • Connecting the Dots – The Influence of Racism and Colonialism on Police Violence

    Panelists illustrate the often unspoken epidemic of police brutality against ethnic minorities in Canada

    Clifton Nicholas, along with co-panelists Robyn Maynard, Nargess Mustapha and El Jones, each shared their views on Canada’s colonial origin, issues with racism and the impact these factors have on policing to this day.

  • The Legend of Odaine

    Well-Traveled Stingers Defender Survives Medical Scare and Racism with Hard Work and Faith

    It isn’t easy to reach the professional level in soccer, with the obstacles that need to be overcome often relentless and unforgiving. Odaine Demar’s story does not break from that reality.

  • Women’s Soccer: Much Ado About Nothing

    Stingers And Carabins Settle for Scoreless Draw in “Ugly Game”

    By most accounts, the beautiful game was not on display Friday night at Loyola stadium. The Concordia Stingers women’s soccer team tied the Université de Montréal Carabins 0-0 in a cagey contest.

  • Keeper of the Hive

    Former Montreal Impact Goalkeeper Greg Sutton Brings Wealth of Experience to Concordia

    He was late. Practice was over. About 10 minutes had passed since the scheduled meeting time. Greg Sutton, the second-year head coach of the men’s soccer team at Concordia and a former professional goalkeeper, was doing his job—talking with one of his players.

  • Unfit To Be Tied

    Stingers Get Slighted By Officiating in 2-2 Draw with Laval

    Sometimes, despite the efforts of both teams to play their best game possible, the referee can ultimately become responsible for the final result.