Jane Gatensby

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    From Strike to Boycott

    Barring a complete turnaround by higher education minister Pierre Duchesne, the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante will not be attending Quebec’s summit on higher education.

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    Questions Remain Over University Research

    Discussion of university research in Quebec was met with a flood of conflicting opinions…

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    One Step Closer to The Summit

    The Concordia Student Union wants your input.

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    CSU to host Education Summit Town Hall

    Quebec’s summit on higher education is only weeks away, and the Concordia Student Union’s consultation campaign is now kicking into high gear.

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    Red Squares, Red Feathers

    After a year of marching with the carré rouge pinned to coats, lapels and backpacks, activists are now donning Idle No More’s red feather—joining a slew of movements attempting to work together to overcome shared struggles.

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    More Cuts to Universities On The Horizon

    The third of four thematic meetings leading towards next month’s province-wide summit on higher education began on an ambiguous note.

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    The Burden of Budget Cuts

    In response to recent cuts made to Concordia’s operating budget, the school’s administration has reached out to the ConU community in search of solutions to its newfound financial woes.

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    Provincial Cuts Threaten Research at Concordia

    University researchers and administrators are rattled by the provincial government’s…

  • Fringe Arts

    Urbania Goes Anglo

    Sometimes, as a reader, you come across an idea that has been bouncing around your head for so long, it’s as though the author was reading your mind when they wrote it. “Yes!” you say. “That’s exactly what I was thinking!”

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    Tuition Stalemate at Summit Meeting

    At the second thematic meeting in the run-up to the summit on higher education, the Quebec university community failed to come to a consensus on the issue of tuition fees.

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    University Budgets Slashed

    The Parti Québécois government announced cuts of $124 million to universities on Dec. 6, leaving administrations scrambling to balance budgets.

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    Negotiations on Quality Reveal Divisions Between Student Associations

    Friday’s discussion on quality in higher education revealed partitions among Quebec’s student federations…

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    Toward the Table

    After months of anticipation, the Parti Québécois government has announced that its summit on universities will take place mid-February—almost a year after the Quebec student strikes began.

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    Four Is the Magic Number

    Throughout the strikes, protests and general commotion of last spring, access to education was the concern du jour among all those who donned red squares to protest tuition hikes.

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    Laval Anthro Students on Strike

    The Association des étudiantes et étudiants en anthropologie at Université Laval in Quebec City held a one-day strike on Oct 18.

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    Taking Stock Of The Student Movement

    With the Liberals out of office, the hikes cancelled and Law 12 repealed, the future of the student movement is ambiguous

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    Anti-Police Protestors Few, Non-Violent

    Despite black masks and anti-police slogans, Saturday night’s anti-police brutality protest was largely calm and peaceful.

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    Occupons Le Sud-Ouest

    Last fall, a blog post by a leftist Canadian magazine Adbusters helped birth a movement.