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    Smooth Moves

    Yoga meets fighting—Systema fighting is now offered at Montreal’s Flow Space gym.

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    Fight Like a Soviet

    Andrew Gordon Middleton is showcasing his upcoming classes in the Russian martial art Systema at Studio Flow Space on Dec. 3.

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    MUNACA Back to Work?

    Out of work for exactly three months, the 1,700-member McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association appears set to get back to work.

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    MUNACA Crashes the Party

    McGill University Principal Heather Munroe-Blum had a hard time speaking to Montreal’s business community on Nov. 25 because of interruptions by supporters of striking McGill employees.

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    Occupiers Evicted

    The Occupy Montreal encampment in Square Victoria was torn down on Nov. 25, following an eviction notice from the city four days earlier.

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    Journalism Licences Could Be The Future

    Journalists in Quebec could find themselves losing that exact title, if a bill being debated in the National Assembly is passed. Beryl Wajsman, Editor in Chief of The Suburban…

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    Activists Launch Copycat Website

    Student activists have taken to more than just the streets in their efforts to halt tuition hikes.

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    MUNACA Memo to Minister

    MUNACA’s grievances towards the McGill Administration were hand delivered in a letter by Kevin Whitaker, the President of MUNACA. “The campus is no longer a safe environment for higher learning, instead it is one of fear and violence,” said Whitaker. “We believe that because this is a public institute, the ministry has the ability—not to mention the responsibility—to come in and have a clear investigation as to what this administration is truly doing to its students and its staff.”

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    Tear Down Those Tents

    “I have always said that peace and security on-site and off-site should be the paramount consideration,” said Tremblay. “As these conditions are not met, the time has come that the [Occupy activists] find other ways to get their message across. I’m sure they will understand the need for action as soon as possible.”

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    Coming in From the Cold

    Montreal Occupiers voted in a general assembly on Nov. 16 to take down several of their wooden structures, in accordance with a demand made from the City of Montreal. But they won’t be doing it for free. The City of Montreal has deemed several of the wooden structures at Occupy Montreal unsafe after an inspection by the fire department.

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    Web-Savvy Activists Launch Copycat Website

    Student activists have taken to more than just the streets in their efforts to halt tuition hikes. An unknown group of rabble-rousers have created an anti-tuition-hike website nearly identical to the Charest government’s pro-tuition-hike site.

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    Students United

    Red paint stained the flagpole and the ground. Vapour from a discharged fire extinguisher made the rainy darkness even gloomier.

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    Occupy Dawson

    After less than four hours of occupying the Academic Dean’s office, students of Dawson College got the school to officially recognize the Nov. 10 province-wide student strike day. “Students are very excited,” said Dawson Student Union chairperson, Audrey DeVeault.

  • Opinions


    The way that student governance at this school is supposed to work—on paper anyway—makes sense:
    You have your council, your chair, your secretary and your student media informing students about the politics of the day. Together, everything runs smoothly and above-board. This is how the democratic process works, theoretically.

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    NDP Gets Behind Striking Mcgill Workers

    The National Democratic Party showed up in full force to support striking McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association workers Friday, by publicly attending a rally at the number-one school in the country and encouraging strikers to settle the dispute out of court.

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    Keeping Up With MUNACA

    On Oct. 14, Joan O’Malley—a 63-year-old woman and striking non-faculty employee of McGill University—was forcefully arrested in the entrance to the Bonaventure Hotel, as McGill’s labour dispute grew even more heated.

  • March for the Mind

    The half-truths and myths that mingle with the facts about mental health issues are hurting the credibility of anyone suffering from mental health problems, say those living with mental health issues.

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    AIDS in the Internet Age

    When Alexandra Juhasz, a professor in media studies, addressed ConU as part of the Concordia University Community Lecture Series on HIV/AIDS, she did so in a manner not typically seen in an academic presentation.

  • Special Issue

    Inside the Twisted Mind of a Webcomic Artist

    The world of online comic strips—or webcomics—has pretty much existed since the Internet was commercialized in 1995.

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    The Struggle Goes On

    “Looking very briefly at the evidence, [the replacement workers] didn’t seem illegal—at least the casual workers,” said Kalant. “So that’s another reason [the commissioner] denied the emergency order,” continued Kalant. “Now McGill put this out as saying they’ve been cleared, which they haven’t, because we still have to have the full hearing with all the evidence, and dates have to be set for that. It’s not over yet.”