I Don’t Care What You Think About Tattoos

Graphic Bibi de Medeiros

First of all, the last thing I want to hear when I tell you I’m getting a new tattoo is:

“You realize it’s permanent, right? I mean, how’s it gonna look when you’re 80?”

I haven’t even gotten it yet dude, let’s not get so ahead of ourselves.

Second of all, I’m pretty sure when I’m 80 I won’t really be searching for anyone’s seal of approval on how I look. I’ll probably be rocking a monocle, and at least my tattoos will cover up the varicose veins. I will be so content and fulfilled with my amazing life that every time I look at my wrinkly body in the mirror, I’ll be more interested in remembering the awesome shit I did and less preoccupied with the appearance of these physical, branded memories.

Third, and finally, any tattoo that looks bad when you’re 80 probably looked bad when you got it too. I like to think I’m fancy, so no problem there. Besides, anyone who won’t be impressed by my sick tats isn’t someone I’m trying to impress anyway.