Trolling at the GA

Graphic Joshua Barkman

While the commotion and political banter was handled in a (somewhat) civil manner on Wednesday, a more—let’s say colourful—conversation happened on the CUTV message boards.

I was witness to the most racist, hateful, trollified, anonymous loud-mouthing I’ve ever seen from Concordia students.

In short, the English language was turned into a cesspool of indecency and profanity. If language were to take a physical form, the message board would accumulatively form a face that would make the Elephant Man wince.

For example: one person calling himself ‘Barack’ outright called moderator of the general assembly, Chad Walcott, the N-word and compared him to a primate.

Others were ironically shocked at the amount of women voting in the Hall Building auditorium—a timely jab at women’s equity, given that it was the day before International Women’s Day.

It makes me wonder… do these people actually think like that in real life?

If everyone in the Hall Building had a laptop and could vote and discuss through anonymous avatars, would any form of democracy exist, or would we be trapped under a socio-political troll-bridge?

Does more technology lead to more offensive people? Could these dim-witted individuals rule the free world one day without so much as an eighth-grade vocabulary?

Despite the trolls, there was one thing that did make me laugh.

No, it wasn’t Walcott’s egregious unprofessionalism when dancing, beat boxing and awkwardly dealing with a very serious strike vote—it was one anonymous messenger on the troll board: CSUCKS.

Get it? A mix of CSU and SUCKS?


–David Murphy
Lifestyle Editor