Brian Lapuz

  • A Bridge Too Far

    A First-Hand Account of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge Occupation

    After roaring through the streets in the Downtown Core, we gathered to hear the closing speech at the corner of Berri St. and Ste. Catherine St. W.

  • ASFA Meeting Minutes

    A summary of events from the latest ASFA meeting.

  • Out in the Cold

    Occupy Montreal and the Homelessness Question

    If nothing else, Occupy Montreal brought in a diverse crowd. From its origin on the Oct. 15 Global Day of Action up until the ultimate eviction two months later, people from almost all walks of life congregated in Victoria Square. Unionized workers, hippies, temporary refugees from the upper-middle class, pensioners, street kids from Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, anarcho-punks, suburbanites from the West Island or South Shore, Mile-End hipsters—and even some yuppies. The general assemblies were well-attended. Musicians played to their hearts’ content.

  • No Dice on Day One

    Students Experience Online Service Disruption

    Concordia students trying to get to class this past week were left blind when the MyConcordia web portal crashed.

  • An Underground Identity

    Alternative Jewish Culture in Film and Music

    For Punk Jews director Jesse Zook Mann, Judaism is more than just observing tradition, heritage and religious laws. “For us in New York, Judaism has kind of become sterilized,” said Zook Mann. He was called from California through Skype for a Q&A after the 20-minute long preview …

  • Get to Know Your Council Candidates

    Students, meet your hopeful future politicos.

  • Striking Up a Debate

    ASFA and GSA Hold Symbolic Vote in Advance of Nov. 10

    Graduate students and students in the Arts and Science Federation of Associations voted for a one-day strike on Nov. 10, joining 140,000 students across the province also confirmed to be on strike for the Day of Action against tuition hikes.

  • ‘What’s Wrong With The System?’

    Protesters Demand Answers at Second Annual March for Victims of Police Violence

    Holding their second annual march and vigil on a chilly Saturday afternoon, the Justice for Victims of Police Killings Coalition demanded “dignity, justice and truth” for their slain kin.

  • NDP Needs to Back Canada’s 99%

    Party Has Potential to Guide Muddled Movement

    Canadians are standing together against the current economic divide in our population via Occupy movements ongoing in almost every major city in this country. Like their peers around the globe, this country’s poorest “99 per cent” are out on the streets and asking for change.

  • How You Like Them Bananas?

    Une Banane Blog Provides More Than Daily Fibre

    In His infinite wisdom, God once said an incredibly long time ago, “Man does not live by bread alone,” and as such, a daily dose of the creative is essential for Man–and Woman–to survive.

  • Weekly Spins

    Dirty Jukebox Dance Party

    Hometown electro-punks Duchess Says are back with their sophomore LP, a continuation of their dirt-caked dance music. It’s high-strung and dangerous, of a Death From Above 1979 persuasion. It’s a late night-death party egging you to join, and a pretty tempting proposition at that.

  • All About Your ASFA Candidates

    Council Hopefuls Outline Campaign Promises

    After a rough start, the Arts and Science Federation of Associations’ by-elections are wrapping up as polling begins tomorrow and ends on Oct. 13.The election had originally been scheduled to take place last week…

  • Nah’msayin?

    Oh, the Annoying Band of Bros

    So, a girl goes out and parties hard downtown, stays ‘til last call and is now trekking home alone to the Mile-End. All of a sudden she spots a group of five guys up ahead. They obviously spend considerable amounts of time pumping iron (they’re fucking jacked!) and those tight, Ed Hardy v-necks…

  • Nah’msayin?

    Oh, the Annoying Band of Bros

    So, a girl goes out and parties hard downtown, stays ‘til last call and is now trekking home alone to the Mile-End.

  • Academic Appointments Abound

    Council Names New Senators, Gives CJLO New Shot at Fee Levy

    Four new senators were appointed by the CSU at their first Council meeting of the school year on Sept. 21.

  • CJLO to Campaign for Fee Levy Increase Again

    Concordia’s Student-Run Radio Station Seeks to Grow

    Having been declined at the March 2011 referendum, Concordia’s radio station CJLO will have another go for a fee levy increase during the Concordia Student Union by-election in November. Voted “Station of the Year” in 2010 at the College Radio Awards given by the College Music Journal,

  • ASFA’s Search for a CEO

    More Time Given to Find Candidate

    The deadline for appointing the Chief Electoral Officer of Concordia’s Arts and Science Federation of Associations has been extended until Sept. 29. ASFA President Alex Gordon said the extension was put in place “to give us time to prepare and to train the CEO.”

  • ASFA Elections Underway

    Search for a CEO

    The first meeting of the Arts & Science Federation of Associations Council kicked off with the loss of an executive on Thursday, as President Alex Gordon read the resignation letter of VP External Affairs and Sustainability Asma Omar.