Amanda Siino

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    After the Printemps Érable, the Automne Arabe

    The climate in Cairo this week felt much like that of UQAM a few months ago.

  • Fringe Arts

    Social Profiling

    For the past few weeks, Serge-Olivier Rondeau and Charles-Antoine Blais Métivier have been spending nearly eight hours a day on Facebook—but not because they’re bored

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    Cross-University Protesters Join Concordia Demonstration

    Students from francophone universities and CEGEPs joined a Concordia student protest on March 27, marching through downtown Montreal in protest of the Charest government’s proposed tuition increases.

  • Fringe Arts

    Stories His Mother Never Told Him

    Ever heard of Autumn Break? Seeing with sound? Hearing with smell? Poe’s The Raven accompanied by banjo?

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    Montreal Remembers

    Posters on lamp posts along Westminster Ave. in Montreal West ask, “How will you remember?”

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    Zoo York

    New York, NY — The corner of Broadway St. and Liberty St. in New York City brings together diverse crowds these days. Since mid-September, ranks of stoic police officers have been standing in juxtaposition to the milling hive of verbose protesters. Lately, a third group can be added to the mix: crowds of picture-snapping tourists.

  • Special Issue

    A Comic Book Store-Y

    Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, the X-Men and Thor have all been big hits on the silver screen in the last few years, but before they were mingling with each other on the DVD racks, you could find them all spending time together on the shelves of comic book stores.

  • Special Issue

    Katie Can Draw

    Katie Cook likes cats. And robots. And monsters. And Star Wars. And Wonder Woman. And drawing. She really likes drawing—but what she loves is combining the things that she likes.

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    Love From a Stranger

    Most people spend little to no time thinking about how a stranger’s day is going and even fewer consider talking to on

  • Fringe Arts

    Outside the Box

    A four-by-eight foot box sat in the Sculpture Garden courtyard at FOFA this past week. The portable black theatre box drew quizzical looks from some Saturday night passers-by.

  • Fringe Arts

    Get Your Comic On

    In his full-body Spider-Man costume, Jérémie Paquette stood out in the crowd of Saturday morning Metro commuters. But any of the 10,000 people expected to head out to Place Bonaventure this weekend knew exactly where he was heading. This weekend’s Comiccon attracted a plethora of masked and mundane characters.