Weekly Fringe: Comedy, Choirs, and Cabarets

Relive Biggie vs 2Pac or Partake in Strip Karaoke, the week is yours!

Graphic Nadine Abdel Latif

Just becaue school starts doesn't mean the city stops. Take some early study breaks this week by gaping at billboards, dancing your heart out, and reveling in what the arts have to offer.

Monday, Sept. 5 

Want a bit of gallows humour before the dread start of the semester? Hurley’s Irish Pub—just a stone’s throw from Sir George Williams campus–continues to host its weekly “World’s Smallest Comedy Night,” where amateurs and those with thousands of chuckles under their belt alike perform. Show starts at 8 p.m.. 

Tuesday, Sept. 6 

Already missing your high school Glee Club? The OK Chorale is recruiting for a new choir that will run throughout the fall. Whether you’re classically trained or just like belting out Beyonce in the shower, all are welcome to attend a free trial session in Westmount Park at 7 p.m.. First song on the docket will be Peace Train by Cat Stevens, so arrive having done your homework!

Wednesday, Sept. 7 

Photograher JJ Levine’s exhibition Photographies queers is ending its run at the McCord Stewart Museum. To celebrate, Levine himself will be providing a guided tour of his works in an evening alongside DJs and karaoke! Excellent for those familiar with Levine’s works and anyone interested in representations of Queer life. Tickets are $9.50, doors open at 5 p.m..

Thursday, Sept. 8 

Le Jardin du Monastère will play host to one of the final outdoor cabarets on offer this year: Cabaret de clôture du Jardin. Witness some spectacular circus acts, enjoy the September breeze, and down some entirely Quebec drinks at Le bar du Jardin! Tickets can be found on Facebook—show runs from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 9 Bareoke

Café Cléopatra will hold its famed Bareoke –a strip karaoke event– from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. for those afraid to waste a single second of their Friday night. The Café itself is known for being a queer and trans friendly space. Cover charge is $10.

Saturday, Sept. 10 Biggie 

Alternative Symphony is putting on An Orchestral Rendition of Biggie vs 2PAC at 8 p.m.. Each artist’s works will appropriately be played by the Symphony’s East Coast and West Coast Orchestras respectively. This is an online event, so tune in between your other Saturday night plans!

Sunday, Sept. 11 Moodle 

Take a walk around the Plateau and Old Port to view Lara Kramer’s In Blankets, Herds and Ghosts. Located above the Bonsecours Market and Café Cherrier, these billboard-sized photographs depict Kramer’s hand crafted Trade Blankets that were made in collaboration with her mother Ida Baptiste, a residential school survivor. The work is a reminder of the endurance of Indigenous creativity.