Students Won’t Back Down

SASU Votes for Unlimited Strike

SASU is now on an unlimited strike until the government agrees to negotiate with students. Photo Erin Sparks

The Sociology and Anthropology Student Union held its third GA on March 27, resulting in a vote to extend the department’s original March 12 strike vote to an unlimited general strike.

After waiting around 45 minutes to reach quorum, the assembly began in the CSU Lounge on the seventh floor of the Hall Building.

Following a brief discussion regarding SASU’s position on the strike given the failed CSU SGM on Monday, an amendment was added to the mandate that would see the strike remain in effect until the Liberal government agreed to negotiate with students regarding tuition fees.

The motion to remain on strike passed by a wide margin, with 32 students voting in favour of the unlimited strike, 7 opposed, and 10 abstaining.

As a result, SASU joined the likes of the Fine Arts Student Association on an unlimited strike.

Weekly GAs will be held to ensure that students do still support the strike, the question of what will transpire once the exam period starts on April 12 yet to be answered.

The students voted for a hard picket line will be in effect for professors, with a soft line in place for students.

SASU’s next GA will be next Tuesday, April 3. The time and place have yet to be determined.

Visit the SASU facebook page for updates.