SASU Votes to Continue Strike

Strike Now in Effect Until March 27

Sociology and Anthropology students have been on strike since March 12. Photo Erin Sparks

The Sociology and Anthropology Student Union voted on March 20 to continue their strike in protest of rising tuition fees.

Yesterday’s vote will extend that strike until March 27. The association has been on strike since March 12.

After waiting an hour before finally reaching quorum, the question of whether or not to continue the strike was put forward. The motion passed, with 35 students voting in favour, 16 voting against and seven abstaining.

Many students left after the motion passed, resulting in a loss of quorum. However, despite the fact that no further decisions made would be binding, a handful of students remained for an informal discussion about the strike itself.

During the discussion it was suggested that SASU draft a statement declaring their position on the strike.

The association has not yet taken a formal stance on the strike, despite the fact that those in attendance at the GA’s have continued to vote overwhelmingly in favour of striking. SASU has instead maintained a neutral position, only facilitating GA’s and offering support and resources for both those who are for and against the strike.

After March 27 another GA will be held to determine whether or not the strike will continue. The date of the next GA has yet to be announced.