Poetry: ‘YOU’

Graphic Eva Wilson

Your beauty is flawless,

even the gods take pride in their creation.

Birds chirping feel like a drowning melody,

when you are present there.


The sun is happy to rise again,

because he knows he'll get to stare at you.

Gods envy the mortals,

because immortal men can’t cherish your beauty.


Words can’t describe your appearance,

because, my darling, there are not enough words in the dictionary.

All the flowers bow down,

because they haven’t seen beauty like this.


I want to wake up next to you,

when the sun touches your skin.

I want to be there,

when you smile with your heart,

because even the darkest soul blossoms,

with your chin down, teeth out, beauty.


I wish there existed a parallel universe,

where we are worshippers of each other’s bodies.

Our breaths would collide and create a spark,

that would fill even Romeo and Juliet full of jealousy.


Even the cowards will fight like warriors,

if you are the prize.

Leonardo Da Vinci would shy away from painting you,

because he would know no steady fingers in the world could draw a beauty this vibrant.


Even a glimpse of you,

makes me go to a happy place,

where you and I make love under the full moon.

Our minds stop and our bodies indulge in the greatest love of all time.

Heat waves from our bodies are strong enough to melt iron.

A kiss from you feels heavenly.

Our bodies unite so well,

even the gods take a quick peek.


My pragmatic mind wakes me up,

from a dream full of lies.

You are no longer there,

my heart starts crying.

Soon, reality crawls into my mind,

because honey, everything between us is just a dream of mine.

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