Poetry: ‘The death of a star’

Graphic Joey Bruce

As the sun melts into the lake,

the sky erupts in a mess of 

bright colours.


Splashes of orange, 

red and yellow 

paint a breathtaking landscape.


This moment, 

when the sun meets the lake, 

appears to last forever.


The colours spread 

and darken 


and more, 

like the work 

of an indecisive artist,

who vies to stay 

true to their art.


And when the sun 

disappears altogether, 

the colours 


These phantoms, 

slowly dying out, 

hold onto the memory 

of a blazing sun

who once brought 

light and warmth.


But as they fade 

into the night,

darkness falls 

on the meaningless world 

we call Home.