graphic vivien leung

As a non-dinosaur, university student and living, breathing person in our society—you probably have an email address.

As social networking sites and texting have increasingly taken over as our main form of communicating with our friends, email has taken on the role of a more professional tool used for communicating with employers, co-workers and professors.

The distinction between the two is really quite practical—but if email is going to be considered as a professional, valid and respectable way of communicating, something needs to change., I’m talking to you.

Back in the day when we were 12, it was cool to come up with interesting and eccentric email addresses. Everyone did it—don’t lie, you did it too.

Back then, an email address wasn’t something that was supposed to have your name in it. That would have been boring. Not to mention the fact that your mom was worried that some evil Internet predator would track you down if they knew what your name was. You remember Neopets, right? That thing was totally sketchy.

I mean, sk8rguy22@hotmail and princess_in_p!nk@msn may have had their time and place, but FYI, if you are in university now, that time was circa 2000.

How can anyone expect to use their koolaid_kid12 e-mail in a professional environment and be taken seriously? Please people, grow up and keep your cutesygirlylove2 emails to yourselves (if you really, truly must), and communicate with the outside world using your name.

—Megan Dolski
Opinions Editor