McGillionaire Frosh Swarm

Graphic Caity Hall

As summer winds down in Montreal, autumn heralds in not only cooler temperatures, but also a restocking of youth. Students, returning to resume their studies, surge the city with a feeling of energy and beauty.

However, a vile creature has been smuggled into the city: the infamous McGillionaire Frosh (McGillus Frossus).

An easily recognizable animal, McGillionaire Frosh can be identified from afar by its neon sunglasses and brightly coloured T-shirts sporting stupid slogans like “Jurassic Frosh” or “Harry Frosher.”

When excited, they often spray Super Soakers at each other and are known for totally not “turning down” for anything.

A herd animal, McGillionaire Frosh travel in large packs, often taking up entire sidewalks while moving at a snail’s pace and screaming Engineering Department chants—despite not actually knowing anything about engineering yet.

Although mostly harmless, the Frosh should be avoided, especially at night, as they have been spotted projectile vomiting and pissing in public spaces.

Like locusts, McGillionaire Frosh swarm the city annually and are viewed as a temporary problem, resolved by the harsh stroke of reality, midterms and Daddy’s credit card running out.