Ode to the Vegan BLT

Graphic Madeleine Gendreau

When I consumed half a litre of coffee and nearly cried into my textbooks in that strange, half-wired, half-exhausted state finals brings with it, you were there for me. Amidst a sea of vegetarian options you stood out, by virtue of your delicious wholesomeness.

We may not praise you as vocally as the sloppy joes at People’s Potato, but you didn’t need fame or even recognition. You’re content to nourish, to selflessly provide for the hungry, hungover masses of university students who may have never given you a second thought.

I walked into Le Frigo Vert last semester and heard you were gone, never to return. Devastated, I returned to the summer routine, trying in vain to enjoy myself. But try as I may to enjoy myself, a shadow was cast over festivities by your absence. I couldn’t imagine returning to a school year without you.

When I walked into 2130 Mackay St. last week and saw you had returned, I appreciated you for the first time. Once again you selflessly remind us to value what we have before it’s gone.

I’d like to take a moment of appreciation for our friend and ally, the Vegan BLT. Through thick and thin, you’re there when we need you.

On the other hand, growing overly emotional about a sandwich may be a definite sign of back-to-school anxiety. Welcome back to school!

–Noelle Didierjean,
News Editor