Plea to the MyConcordia Numina

Graphic Jennifer Aedy

O, thou great and mighty bureaucrats responsible for these things in the mysterious offices that I have yet to locate or invade.

Please make it possible for us to take advantage of the few good things you have benevolently made possible for us to obtain.

Perhaps you could make the school website less complex and more navigable without the use of Google. Or maybe make applying for financial aid less time consuming. Or make it possible to register for courses without having to get multiple approvals from disinterested, haggard administrators who couldn’t care less.

And please, just make the overall business of applying for a specific program less complex for those of us who might have some energy left to study and not have our grades suffer because they were trying to GET INTO A SCHOOL THEY WERE ALREADY REGISTERED FOR.

But if you won’t do any of that, because it would make some of you redundant, then I beg of you, O great-and-mysterious-pullers-of-strings-and-makers-of-complex-procedures-which-require-us-to-scale-entire-bureaucracies:

I urge you to make sure that we, the students you are supposed to serve, are informed of and can take advantage of the few good things that you have made it possible for us to get amid the advent of austerity.

—Mottel Zirkind @mottelz