Fringe Arts

  • Students Call the Shots

    Short Plays with SIPA

    There’s a festival going on at Concordia this weekend, tucked in the back room of the Loyola Chapel basement.

  • Concordia Playwrights on Display

    Contest winners at Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal

    Winners of the sixth Concordia Annual 10-Minute Play Contest are getting their prize this Friday night, where they will hold a staged reading of their work.

  • Fringe Food

    Bake to Basics

    Well into the 19th century, the European village and neighbourhood bakery served as more than mere eatery or commodity outlet. Doubling as part-time “communal oven,” it was a gathering point, a laboratory, a workshop—even a place of education.

  • Filling the Silents

    Building 3D Performance Space with The Hilotrons

    Believe it or not, three-dimensional space in film has much more potential than a flaming Nicolas Cage face flying towards you.

  • Breaking Down the Wall

    The Wooden Sky Merge Artist and Audience

    The Wooden Sky are raring to go. It’s part childish giddiness, but it’s also part cabin fever.

  • Attack the Block

    Block Party Explores How Consumer Choices Shape Communities

    The Block Party exhibit at Art Matters is exactly what it sounds like.

  • Narrating the Space & You

    Surveying Space and Building Perception

    They may seem interchangeable to many, but the words ‘space’ and ‘place’ are very different terms. It is a difference that Levi Bruce wants you to investigate.

  • Art by Design

    Subject to Change Talks Aesthetics

    However polished the finished product is, art exhibits are made, not born. They’re the end result of hours and hours of work—and often their fair share of trial and error.

  • Quiet Space

    The Unending Silence of Space Wants Us to Pause

    In the hustle and bustle of daily life, sometimes it’s best to take a moment for yourself. To some, that might mean getting a coffee in the middle of the day, or doing nothing for an afternoon without feeling guilty about it.

  • A Little Bit of Whimsy

    The Poupart Gallery Explores Space Within Space

    You might not spend much time thinking about it, but gallery space for an exhibit is a crucial element for both curator and artist.