Fringe Arts

  • Fringe Food

    Delectable Free Screenings

    You may find yourselves asking entirely new questions. Questions, perhaps, of a theatrical nature: “Can food perform the same role as a movie star?” Of a social nature: “How can film further food?”Or, most annoyingly to your dearest friends, of a Deleuzian nature: “How is food a becoming-film and film a becoming-food?”

  • Updating a Forgotten Play

    Artists Breathe New Life into Witchcraft, the Last Witch Hanging in Britain

    Witchcraft, a rarely produced 19th century Scottish play, has been revived by Concordia researchers and is being preformed as the sum of three years of work this week. Associate professor Louis Patrick Leroux and PhD student Cristina Iovita are overseeing a team of designers, multimedia technicians, and a cast of 23 actors.

  • The Arab Winter Is Coming

    Six Local Artists Bring Middle East Streets to Montreal

    The historic La Patrie building, formerly owned by the Church of Scientology and currently housing the Under Pressure Fresh Paint Gallery, will be undergoing yet another transformation this week. The gallery, at the corner of Ste. Catherine St. E. and Hotel de Ville Ave., is being taken over by The Arab Winter for the month of December…

  • Frame to Frame

    Shining a Light On Romanian Cinema

    The opening scene of The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu begins with a blurry scene of the Romanian dictator denying charges of ordering a genocide.

  • Ribboned for Your Pleasure

    Literary Publication Ribbon Pig Debuts First Issue

    The question of whether or not physical publications will continue to exist with the rise of the Internet is one that has been asked a million times over.

  • The Psychobilly & The Sitar

    King Khan’s Homecoming with Tandoori Knights

    It’s Thanksgiving weekend when I call King Khan, and when he picks up he’s making a dinner of butter chicken and dal for his friends in Memphis. They’re all going down to Jay Reatard’s grave before it gets dark to pay their respects. This fall’s Tandoori tour has brought Khan—real name Arish Khan—and his quartet up and down …

  • Fringe Food

    Conferences, Concerts and Croque-Croissants

    It’s amazing where the 80 can land you. That’s the 80 du Parc bus, one of the most enduring routes on our fair island, chugging hundreds of times daily up and down the eight kilometre stretch linking downtown’s Place-des-Arts with the Métropolitain highway.

  • Stories His Mother Never Told Him

    WireTap’s Jonathan Goldstein Reads at Concordia

    Ever heard of Autumn Break? Seeing with sound? Hearing with smell? Poe’s The Raven accompanied by banjo?

  • Art & Life at the Edge of a Continent

    Shary Boyle Visits the West Baffin Eskimo Co-op

    It’s Friday lunch time. Students are sitting on the floor and on the stairs in the conference room of the VA Building, expecting to see Shary Boyle’s provocative and highly crafted sculptures, paintings and drawings. Instead, she surprised them with the topic of her talk: her three weeks’ residency at the West Baffin Eskimo Co-op last spring.

  • A Pixelated Infatuation

    Data Romance Make Waves With Digitized Bliss

    Data Romance has had quite a year. It started with scoring the soundtrack to Life Cycles, a film about the evolution of the bicycle. By the beginning of the summer, they were releasing their debut EP. The Vancouver duo has since been playing around the continent, showcasing their heavy electronics and blissed-out vocal hybrid sound to an ever-growing audience.