Fringe Arts

  • Living Osheaga

    A Look at Local Talent at Canada’s Biggest Music Festival

    Osheaga just keeps getting bigger. Over 120,000 giddy festival-goers gobbled up as many sets as they could muster, as 105 bands played the festival over the course of three days on five stages. Under sweltering heat…

  • Socially-Conscious Style

    Sustainable Fashion at the Ethik BGC Show

    In a time when fast fashion and sweatshops have stained the clothing industry Montreal’s Festival Mode & Design is presenting Ethik BGC, a show dedicated to ethical stylings.

  • Dirty Fun at Warped Tour

    Punk Rock Summer Camp Hits Montreal

    There’s something about Warped that makes even the most insecure feel at home.

  • Morbid Poetry, Unique Sound

    After 20 Years in the Underground, Aesop Rock’s Back for More

    Over the past decade and a half, Aesop Rock has nestled himself tightly into a genre-bending niche between verbose, thought-provoking hip-hop and quasar-spiraling beats.

  • Fantasia Reviews

    Our Team of Reviewers Tackle the Fantasia Film Festival

    Reviews of Fantasia’s 2012 offerings

  • Fantasia World

    Film Fest’s Month-Long Takeover Begins

    Fantasia is Christmas in July for film lovers. The festival has introduced local audiences to high-quality, unique films they would never normally see while boosting the careers of emerging auteurs along the way.

  • Main Event

    Skater Doc Evolves Into Decade-Long Street Culture Chronicle

    The City of Montreal’s ongoing plans to gentrify the lower Main’s red-light district leave more than the abandoned stone facades of once-vibrant shops and venues subject to destruction.

  • Social Profiling

    Art Project Looks for Meaning, Trends in Facebook Pictures

    For the past few weeks, Serge-Olivier Rondeau and Charles-Antoine Blais Métivier have been spending nearly eight hours a day on Facebook—but not because they’re bored

  • All About the Attitude

    N.N. Brings Albertan Garage Punk to Town

    It’s with a garage punk fury that Edmonton’s N.N. sustain Canada’s affair with loud music, but they wouldn’t go as far to name it as such.

  • Putting a Dent in Metal

    Odium Tours to Support New Album Three Years in the Making

    While Walkerton, ON’s Odium, like many metal bands, harbour dreams of performing on the big stage, they have a soft spot for the small stage, too.