The Link’s Volume 39 Masthead Elections Are Here

H: The Link’s Volume 39 Masthead Elections Are Here
S: Come Vote for Next Year’s Editorial Team

Tuesday night at 5 p.m., The Link will elect its editorial team for Volume 39.

Staff members—those who have contributed at least four times during four separate weeks—are eligible to vote. If you’re not able to make it tonight, feel free to stop by our office (1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd., H-649) before 5 p.m. to submit an advanced ballot. Questions can be directed to

Here’s who you’re voting for.

Miriam Lafontaine
Shannon Carranco

Coordinating Editor
Savannah Stewart

Managing Editor
Franca G. Mignacca

Current Affairs Editor
Savanna Craig

Two Co-News Editors
Elaine Genest
Alexander Perez

Opinions Editor
Jon Milton

Copy Editor
Victoria Lamas

Fringe Arts Editor
Aysha White

Fringe Arts Online
Marissa Ramnanan

Sports Editor
Dustin Kagan-Fleming

Sports Online
Ireland Compton

Photo Editor
Elisa Barbier

Graphics Editor
Aiden Locke

Who’s Eligible to Vote

All staff members are eligible to vote. To be considered a staff member, a person must have contributed to at least four separate issues this volume. The following people are staff:

Kelsey Litwin, Tristan D’amours, Jon Milton, Carl Bindman, Vince Morello, Franca Mignacca, Miriam Lafontaine, Shannon Carranco, Julia Miele, Alexander Perez, Harrison Milo-Rahajason, Savannah Stewart, Elisa Barbier, Brian Lapuz, Aiden Locke, Daren Zomerman, Ireland Compton, Dustin Kagan-Fleming, Elias Gigoriadis, Mark Di Franco, Erika Morris, Marissa Ramnanan, Deanna Hewitt, Elaine Genest, Eric Beaudouin, Penina Simon, Shreya Biswas, Aysha White, Jeremie Gauthier-Caron, Victoria Lamas, Shakti Langlois Ortega, Simon New, Wala Amara, Jillian Reynolds, Julian Bata, Paulina Dominguez, Jordan Stoopler, Morag Rahn Campbell, Nikolas Litzenberger, Ocean Derouchie, Savanna Craig

See you next volume!

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