Remember, Remember the Milk of Movember

I’m a cisgendered gay male and November is upon us, which means guys walking around with their ’70s porn regalia—the moustache—in attempts to gain attention to prostate cancer. They often neglect to talk about sexual pleasure/response regarding the prostate, so I have a couple of questions that I hope you can clarify. One, does prostate milking actually aid in preventing prostate cancer? Two, I’ve heard that men can actually achieve full-body orgasms via prostate milking, can you verify this? Wishing all men happy prostate milking for health!
—The Milk Man Cometh

These are two really great questions, and they’re also in keeping with the Movember theme.

Before we get into it, a little info on the prostate. Your prostate is a walnut-sized gland found about four inches into your rectum. The gland holds fluid that combines with your sperm when you ejaculate.

So every time you ejaculate, your prostate is involved. This has led to the claim that if you ejaculate more often, you increase your overall prostate health by removing excess fluid from the prostate.

Another method of removing this fluid is through direct massaging of the prostate, which is called prostate milking or massaging. There are a variety of methods, such as massaging the prostate with your fingers, a partner’s fingers, or toys.

The simplest answer to your first question is that the health benefit claims linking prostate milking to lower prostate cancer risks are kind of controversial.

It’s hard to find independent medical studies and research isn’t really being done on prostate milking. People who do regular prostate milking recommend it, while doctors give it mixed reviews, specifically when it comes to lowering cancer risks.

Those who support it consider it an easy way to contribute to a generally healthy prostate by emptying excess fluid that could eventually lead to an enlarged prostate, but also by increasing blood flow to the area.

The typical response seems to be that the men who do it feel the difference, and given the lack of negative side effects, why not throw it in for good measure?

Of course, there’s no indication that not milking your prostate will increase your risk of developing prostate cancer, but there are other reasons to consider doing it.

Frequent prostate milkers claim that since they started doing it, they have stronger erections, intense pleasure and orgasms when they directly stimulate the prostate, and stronger urine flow when peeing.

The prostate is often described as the center of male sexual pleasure, because it’s full of nerve endings. It’s one of the reasons anal stimulation or sex is often so pleasurable for men.

When it comes to full-body orgasms, I have no doubt that prostate milking can lead to them but I also think everyone experiences orgasms and their sources very differently.

For example, just the idea of a full-body orgasm probably means something different to different people. So I’m sure it happens, but I can’t confirm that it can or will happen for everyone.

I think it’s really important to explore and experiment with prostate pleasure without focusing too hard on what kind of orgasm it’ll bring—otherwise, you might end up disappointed because of your expectations.

For your sexual health and pleasure, I recommend exploring every part of your body with an open mind and without putting any pressure on yourself. As for the health benefits, while we don’t have tons of research, there’s no real harm in trying it out and seeing if you feel a difference. Just be gentle at first!

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