Launch Party #3: Health Issue Panel

  • Anne-Marie Rivard (left), Trenton Miller (middle) and Dana Schnitzer (right) speaking on the panel. Photo Daren Zomerman.

  • Fringe arts editor Shannon Carranco (left) and creative director Carl Bindman (right) moderated the panel. Photo Daren Zomerman.

For our third magazine launch party of the volume, we held another panel, this time on the theme of health. Speaking on the panel are:

Anne-Marie Rivard is writing her doctoral thesis on access to abortion in Canada, and how it varies from region to region. She’ll be discussing how Canada still has much work to do to make abortion accessible.

Trenton Miller was a quarterback for the Concordia Stingers, who was permanently sidelined due to a concussion that he suffered after a hit. He’ll be talking about his experience with physical injury, and how it relates to sports.

Dana Schnitzer is an art therapist, whose practice helps patients deal with mental health issues—especially anxiety, depression, and ADHD. She will be describing how the creative process can help people deal with different mental health issues.

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