Journalism Strategies Panel April 19, 2012

A few hundred mediaphiles joined up in the belly of Concordia’s Hall Building on the evening of April 19 in the D.B. Clark Theatre to talk about the past, present, and most importantly, the future of journalism.

The panel discussion marked the opening night of Journalism Strategies, a three-day conference on the state of media in Canada, and the state of media democracy with the hopes of re-imagining the future of Canadian journalism.

The discussion was moderated by CBC Daybreak host Mike Finnerty, and featured Tony Burman of Al Jazeera English, former Radio-Canada journalist Dominique Payette, Kai Nagata of The Tyee and founding publisher of Judy Rebick.

Though the discussion was long and touched on many points, we’ve chosen just a couple minutes of discussion that hit close to home.

Herein both Rebick and Nagata discuss the current student strike in Quebec, and how Canadian Anglophone media has handled the issue.

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